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Urania is a journey through art, identity and the magic of the senses. Their fragrances are all about creating an embodied sense of identity confidence by celebrating the fluidity that disrupts the conventional. With luxury craftsmanship, these perfumes are hand blended and poured in London. They use the most unique and responsible raw materials to create our timeless, aspirational and special fragrances. Each Urania fragrance has a distinctive constellation pattern.

Who is Urania? Urania is an epithet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, signifying “heavenly” or “spiritual” to distinguish her from her earthlier aspect. The muse of astronomy, Urania is a celestial divinity believed to inspire heavenly love, curiosity and imagination. It is said that from her, universal love was born – a free love of cosmic grandeur.

Bold and transgressive, Lance of Love is a penetrating blend of irresistible resins with green notes and wood aromas. The fragrance opens with the vitalizing scents of Sage and Myrrh that evolve to an intense heart of Lebanese Cedar, Frankincense and Malaysian Oud. With a fearless base of Amber, Benzoin, and Birch Tar, Lance conveys a distinctive presence – daring and captivating. Like the steel-tipped wooden spear from which the fragrance borrows its name, Lance of Love cuts through the conventional with sophistication, self-assuredness and Elysian clarity. 

A lance is a steel-tipped wooden weapon once used by Greek and Roman warriors. Drawing from this imagery, the perfume infuses deep wooden notes with a hint of metallic elegance to evoke the courage and confidence of these spirited champions, who often referred to the phallus as “the lance of love.”

Scent:  Lush woodlands and exotic spices.
 Indomitable confidence. 

Olfactory Journey

Top: Italian Sage, Russian Clary Sage, Myrrh 
 Lebanese Cedar, Oud Malaysia, Frankincense 
 Birchtar, Amber, Tolu Beans, Benzoin, Andalusian Cistus Labdanum 

* Clean Perfumery * Vegan * Responsible * Cruelty Free * Made in London *

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