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Building a conscious lifestyle to serve a higher purpose...

This is our SLC Promise.

As an authentic conscious lifestyle brand, we adopt a mindful approach to business. At She's Lost Control we strive to find meaning and a higher purpose in profit. From day one, this has been our heartfelt mission and journey.

Never afraid to challenge conventional thinking, we are always using our voice, community and platforms to impact positive change. This isn't easy, but it's necessary. 

Being an ethical brand in today's world requires action and commitment. It's easy for a brand to accidentally fall into the trap of greenwashing due to misinformation or unvalidated sources. This is why we believe that it's important to get our hands dirty and get as involved as possible in our supply chains, rather than relying on second hand information, which is especially important in the crystal industry where validation is pretty nonexistent. 

To achieve this, we're dedicated to fulfilling our 3 core values.... Transformation, Community and Clarity.  

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She's Lost Control is in itself an ever-evolving journey of transformation. A journey of discovery, soul-searching and evolution. When we talk about transformation at SLC it is multi-layered...

Transforming Minds

The promise to provide you with all the tools to enrich your self-care and personal journey. Supporting minds through personal growth, spiritual growth and lifestyle choices. Educating minds with information on topics such as sustainability, ancient wisdom, science and modern 'magic'.

Transforming Industries

We're not scared to get our hands dirty and be the voice that's needed to transform industries from the ground up. This is a promise. From our supply chains and brand curation, to the healers and collaborators, we are always striving for higher purpose in the wellness industry and measuring our impact for positive change.

We existed long before crystals went mainstream and were London's first conscious lifestyle brand. Since then, we have been at the forefront of modern mysticism, helping to transform out-dated perceptions of the spiritual world.

For the past 2 years our founder Jill Urwin has been leading the dialogue in responsible global mining for the wellness industry. This is a huge undertaking with the lifelong goal of implementing change through grass root initiatives, formalising mining communities and transforming the outdated and unregulated supply chains. You can read more about Jill's Crystal Clear initiative here

Transforming Lives

We believe that empowering people and communities can transform lives. We work direct with miners, indigenous tribes, makers, healers and artisans to ensure that they have a root to market that ensures fair trading practices and respect for their cultures.

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Our friends at Moyo Gems Tanzania. Part of the movement for positive change in mining. 

"The respect and admiration we in the industry have for the crystal marvels from the Earth, Jill and SLC have afforded us to reflect back to the people at the source. In Brazil there is a saying: Uma mão lava a outra , “ One hand washes the other”. As the world reboots, this I hope to be one of the guiding principles."

Brian Cook, Geologist, sustainability advocate and mine owner.

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Rose Quartz Malawi


Community culture is the back-bone of SLC.
Connection, interaction and a universal sense of togetherness lights us up. There is so much power to be discovered through coming together as a collective. For us, our community promise is threefold...

The Greater Community
This is you. You are our community. And we promise to always stay connected. We've been supporting our local community through wellness gatherings since 2014, and now with the launch of of our Digital Portal we can connect with you far and wide. In the true spirit of community culture, we try to make our events as accessible as possible, so we offer honesty pricing brackets for our digital events. What's more, if you don't live in London but still wish to connect to us in our shopping sanctuary then simply book a virtual shopping appointment... we'd love to connect!

Community of Guides
We work with some of the UK's top practitioners, healers, and guides to ensure you're in the best hands. Back in the early days of SLC, "modern mysticism" was a new concept for many, so we began to offer our space as a platform for new aspiring talent to help us drive the movement forward and be the voice that was so greatly needed. Today, that network has flourished into a beautiful community. We promise to keep nurturing and growing this community, whilst ensuring that we are representative of and inclusive to all genders, races, and financial circumstances. 

Communities on the Ground
We promise to work directly with communities and collectives that produce our products. To us, trading with a higher purpose is about integrity, respect, authenticity and honesty. Not only are we are committed to giving back to struggling communities, such as artisanal mining communities, palo santo reforestation projects, or Native American and Amazonian tribes, but we are committed to stocking or collaborating with other brands who share our ethos when it comes to ethical practices and sustainable development venture. 


“The best thing to come out of lockdown is the SLC online digital events. Not only have they done their best to make them affordable but in such strange times its great to feel like I am part of such a wonderful and positive online community. Having these events in my diary has helped me to really commit to a self care practice and integrate things into my life that I have talked about doing for years. I’ve finally made space for myself and the support of SLC, their guides and all the others that log in from all over have helped that happen.”

Rebecca Sykes, customer


At SLC, we strive for clarity and transparency throughout our supply chains so we can present you with all the honest facts you need to make your own informed decisions. We understand that you want to buy with a clear conscience, and so do we.

Having crystal clear clarity is the first step towards building a sustainable brand. It's about knowing the facts, educating and taking action. Here at SLC we have a Triple Bottom Line approach to Business.  This means that we take steps to measure our environmental, social and financial impact, ensuring that we remain balanced across all three. We believe that true balance cultivates the sweet spot of sustainability. You can read more about our sustainability policy here.

SLC is not just a shop, a studio or a regular crystal brand... we are part of a movement and we collaborate with and stock brands that share our vision to clean up supply chains, transform industries, and make the world a better place. 

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