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She's Lost Control are the proud funders of Crystal Clear™, promoting mine to market transparent crystals with a social conscience.

Crystal Clear
was founded in 2019 by SLC's Founder and sustainability advocate, Jill Urwin. The primary social objective is to reinvest profits back into the community, specifically to support and empower Artisanal Small Scale Miners, for whom mining is often a route out of poverty.         

"Crystal Clear was born out of necessity," says Jill, "unfortunately the crystal industry is outdated and lacks regulated guidelines. That's not to say that practices are necessarily unethical, but without full transparency or regulations, claims of fair trade cannot be validated. To transform the industry is a huge undertaking but we have to start somewhere, so we're proudly leading the dialogue in this untouched territory."

 Our mission

2019 saw a significant rise in the popularity of healing crystals, but with out-dated and opaque supply chains it’s almost impossible to prove that these crystals have been responsibly sourced and mined. Jill is on a mission to change this with the launch of Crystal Clear™ (CIC).

The social enterprise will work on various sustainable development projects with mining communities around the world, supporting from the bottom up. The longer term goal is to offer the world’s first verifiable (using blockchain technology) and transparent mine to market crystals with a primary focus on improving the lives of artisanal mining communities around the world.

She's Lost Control donate a percentage of all sales to Crystal Clear™. So you can buy from us in confidence that that your purchases serve a higher purpose to transform an outdated industry.

If you wish, you can also make a donation directly with Crystal Clear.

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Let's get crystal clear on the goals...


We are stronger together. Crystal Clear works alongside pre-existing initiatives, guidelines and projects in the jewellery industry. The goal is to extend the research, development and community based support to include lower grade crystals used across wellness, beauty and homeware.

Fair trade.

To ensure all stakeholders in the crystal supply chain are fairly paid, beginning with the mining communities. Working in accordance to CRAFT guidelines, the aim is to empower ASMs in understanding and complying with market expectations and due diligence needs.


To trace the journey of healing crystals from mine to market and to provide customers, retailers and wholesalers with confidence in the provenance and responsible practices of their stones. Crystal supply chains are outdated and often opaque so this is not an easy task, but we must start somewhere. We are starting with an honest and frank conversation.


New knowledge and skills are invaluable to Small Scale Mining Communities to ensure a sustainable future. Crystal Clear reinvests funds for training in areas such as lapidary skills, education on mineral value and demand within the wellness industry, and organic farming and regenerative agriculture for future food security and income.


No certification or verification currently exists for the responsible sourcing of crystals within the wellness and beauty industries. Crystal Clear standards are taking the first steps towards changing this.The strategic long term goal is to validate the journey of crystal batches using blockchain technology.


After fairly paying all stakeholders in the Crystal Clear supply chain, 100% of the profits will be reinvested back into the small-scale mining communities to make a positive and measurable social impact. By working alongside and partnering with other initiatives within the jewellery industry, our investments will be able to have a greater impact.

Case study 1...

Pyramid Mine area, Novo Horizonte

Nestled in this beautiful and remote site that borders the Atlantis Rainforest and the Serrado and Caatinga ecological communities, you'll find the Pyramid Mine in Remedios, Brazil. This is the home of golden rutile quartz, which holds a special place in our hearts because it's the first location we began reinvesting back into the community.

In 2020 we donated $2500 to Crystal Clear™ which directly supported emergency COVID measures and new mining equipment so that the community could work more safely and support their families in this remote region of Brazil. 

We will continue to work with this community in collaboration with Brian Cook who is on the advisory board of Crystal Clear™ and has spent his life supporting sustainable development initiatives for mining communities. 

To learn more about this location or to make a direct donation to the miners just head here. 

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Rose Quartz Malawi
Rose Quartz Malawi
Rose Quartz Malawi


Rose Quartz Malawi

She’s Lost Control have raised funds from the sales of their Rose Quartz crystals – known as the stone of unconditional love – to completely fund, plan and implement a 2 day training course with an emphasis on empowering women in mining in Malawi.

The overall objective is to provide women miners with new skills that will make them better informed and knowledgeable in the world of gemstones. Inequality for women in mining in Africa is commonplace. Many do not have the knowledge, training or skillsets to identify the gemstones that they mine. This means they are vulnerable to exploitation and under-valuations. In most artisanal mining set-ups, women hand over their finds to male mining partners and they often never know the true worth nor reap the true financial benefits.

The UN Secretary-General has singled out women’s leadership for their unique ability as “drivers of solutions” when they are empowered. UN analysis has shown that men and women have different coping mechanisms and vulnerabilities in the face of climate change. Not surprisingly, then, that gender dynamics factor in the consideration in designing and implementing strategies for adaptive approaches to climate change.

“As a conscious business we strive to do our bit when it comes to climate change and working towards the SDGs, especially when it comes to impacting positive change in the mining sector”, said Jill. “In this first level of training, we provided women with the confidence and knowledge to sell gemstones for themselves, which included learning about market demands, how to reach the market, and how women can support climate change. The work does not stop there.

She’s Lost Control’s Rose Quartz itself is direct from a female run mine in Malawi and was the first Crystal Clear validated crystal which means that due diligence reporting has begun on the mine with guidance from Fair Mined regulations, the stones were fairly traded, and the whole process was the first healing crystal to be recorded on blockhain technology for optimum transparency. This is revolutionary in the crystal industry and only the beginning of the story for She’s Lost Control and Crystal Clear. understand here at SLC that the crystal industry lags behind many others when it comes to sustainable development advancements, equality and transparency. We know too well that regulations and audits are practically non-existent for Artisanal Mining Communities, but rather than stepping aside, we are committed to getting our hands dirty and working with these communities from the bottom up, to help them reach the market and formalise their trade. 

 This Rose Quartz mine in Malawi, owned by Margaret (pictured), is an example of our efforts to not only support this community with a route to market in the healing crystal trade (an industry they have not yet been exposed to), but also to promote gender equality in mining. 


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