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Since launching She’s Lost Control many moons ago in 2014, it’s been our heartfelt mission to mindfully build a conscious lifestyle brand that serves a higher purpose… 

Back in the early days, our Founder Jill Urwin felt the calling to leave her 10 year career in Fashion Buying to create a world that authentically reflected her own journey and growing passions. The world of fast fashion was soon to be a distant memory and Jill began to create a space where conscious consumerism, community and personal wellbeing could flourish.

“As I began to explore the world of alternative wellness, spiritual growth and ancient wisdom, I increasingly felt that I didn’t fit in, know enough, or even look the part. Total imposter syndrome. So I decided to create a modern wellness space that felt fresh, accessible, and supportive; modernising the narrative of spirituality.”
Jill Urwin, SLC Founder

SLC is an ever-evolving journey of transformation... 



Today, it has become a thriving community, space and voice for an awakened generation. It’s a lifestyle.... a conscious lifestyle.

So what do we mean by that?
Well, we mean that we are committed to sourcing products and minerals responsibly, with transparency and clarity; we are conscious of our social, environmental and financial impact and actively promote positive change; we are never afraid to challenge conventional thinking in our mission to find meaning in profit… forever being respectful to sacred trade.

Being a conscious brand is also about supporting you on your journey. Through our community, events and product we aim to provide you with the tools to live in the present and feel more centred; to adopt a mindful approach and to make conscious choices throughout your own journey. 

Transformation, Community and Clarity are the beating heart of our SLC Promise... our promise of conscious living.

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Rose Quartz Malawi

Shopping sanctuary

This is where the magic's at.
We opened our doors at our newest space at 74 Broadway Market in 2020... yep, in the middle of a global pandemic. But we had to take this leap of faith, and boy was it worth it! Retail isn't dead, it's just changing. It's about feeling connected, informed and inspired.

Welcome to our shopping sanctuary.
The second you step into the space a serene sense of calm washes over you. The flow of energy has been considered in every element of the design to purify and cleanse. All surfaces are made from natural minerals, from the bespoke nude cement walls with infused selenite crystal dust, to the marble terrazzo inspired floor in the Energy Room with cleansing clear quartz mixed in the cement. Feng Shui also plays an important role in the store design with the purpose built northwestern arch way which signifies stepping into growth and prosperity. And how could we forget the crystal gridding? Hidden under the floors and foundations is a special collection of crystals to help the space stay energised and pure. 

In store, you'll find our carefully curated collection of wellness products and gifts for the body, home and mind. 

If you can't make it down to our shopping sanctuary and online shopping isn't your thing, then you can book a bespoke virtual shopping appointment with us here. 



We help you walk the talk in the world of alternative wellness, supporting you as you explore the potential of your mind, body and soul. It's all about your experience. 

SLC wouldn't be complete without our  incredible community of resident guides, healers and practitioners. Nor would it be complete without you.  
Our curation of events offer escapism, connection, education, insight, serenity and mindful practices. We currently host events in our Digital Portal so you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Now that  normality is starting to resume in the UK we will re-open our doors at the original SLC crystal cave at 42 Valentine Road for intimate group workshops. Watch this space! 

If you're looking for a one-to-one reading with one of our resident guides then we've got you covered. From Astrology and Tarot, to Crystal Readings and Reiki, we've got the perfect remedy for modern soul seekers. Choose from remote readings in the digital realms or treat yourself to special IRL reading in the Energy Room at 74 Broadway Market.

Rose Quartz Malawi

Meet the team...

Jill Urwin - Founder

Sun: Virgo
Moon: Aries
Rising: Leo 

Jill founded SLC in 2014 and created a space for us all where conscious consumerism, community and personal wellbeing can flourish. She has invested years of work into sourcing products and minerals responsibly, with transparency and clarity, and founded our social enterprise Crystal Clear in 2019. Also an incredible jeweller, our crystal and sustainability guru, blue sky thinker and all-round visionary. She can be found sharing her wealth of knowledge in store, future-proofing/change making with industry leaders, sourcing incredible product and ensuring 5% of all profits go back into Crystal Clear.

Jeni - General Manger

Sun: Pisces
Moon: Libra
Rising: Capricorn

If you step into our shopping sanctuary you will be welcomed into the space by retail boss lady Jeni with her signature mushroom bob and winged eyeliner. Jeni is the life and soul of the store. She has over 20 years in retail and is our product guru and problem solver. Why not book a virtual appointment to get to know her and our amazing brands and product a little closer?

Laura - Events + Community Lead

Sun: Aries
Moon: Cancer
Rising: Sagittarius

Laura is our new events curator and community builder, and she's already bringing so much incredible energy, vision and creativity to SLC! Laura is also a yoga teacher, writer and a pioneer for inclusivity in the conscious lifestyle and wellness space. If you're lucky, you might catch a cuddle from her dog and the newest SLC intern Haku the Maltipoo.

Charlie - Wholesale Lead + Jewellery

Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising: Virgo

Plant Obsessed Charlie has the most magick hands in the whole business! She is our wholesale lead, in house jeweller, plant mum and we also stock her brand - Husk. Charlie can be found hand-making all your SLC goodies, talking all things plants and mother earth with an in depth knowledge on jewellery grade stones.

Meesh - Inner Artist

Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Aquarius

Double Aqua Meesh is our aura angel, our resident Aura Photography reader and artist. She offers an artistic spin on our aura readings and turns her magic hands to our floral displays and our intricate hand made offerings for clients and customers alike. She will be found rocking a killer outfit, draped in Jill Urwin & Husk Jewellery or ensuring we always have badass playlists in store.

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