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Saturday/Sunday 8th + 9th July
10 AM - 5 PM
Suzie Trikona Tattoos

Discover the magic of crystal-infused tattoos—where art meets the metaphysical.

SLC is collaborating with Suzie—known as Trikona Tattoos—who is joining us from Wales for a one-of-a-kind fusion of tattoos and crystals.

Trikona specializes in creating delicate handpoked tattoos and draws inspiration from some SLC favourites: astrology, nature, paganism, tarot, and magic symbolism. And we’ll be adding a dash of mysticism to each flash tattoo with the help of a tiny laser quartz crystal, attached hygienically to Trikona’s tattooing tool.

We’ve hand-picked a selection of laser quartz crystals exclusively for these tattoos. These crystals, known for their unparalleled clarity and glass-like appearance, exude a cleansing energy that radiates throughout.

These crystals ensure that you always have access to aura-cleansing properties, helping you find peace of mind after challenging or stressful situations. Clear quartz, as with all variants, primarily targets the crown chakra, enhancing focus, clarity, and decision-making abilities.

Each flash tattoo is infused with the power of this crystal, resulting in a captivating piece of art that carries the energetic essence of the crystal itself. And yes, you get to keep the crystal, too!

Please read the below for the terms and conditions for your tattoo appointment with Trikona at She's Lost Control Broadway Market. It's important to go through these to understand what's expected from your appointment.

By booking an appointment and getting a tattoo, you agree to the following:

✨ To secure your tattoo appointment, you can select your preferred date from our online booking system and pay a non-refundable deposit of £90.
The remaining balance of £260 is due on the day of your appointment and must be paid via BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services) directly to Trikona Tattoos.

The tattoo price remains the same, regardless of the size you choose. The long linear piece will measure approximately 6-9cm, while other designs will be around 4-7cm.
On the day of your appointment, stencils of various sizes will be available for you to select from.
No additional changes can be made to the designs, except for specified symbols to customize each piece. We will need to know by Thursday afternoon what customised symbols you'd like on your design so that we can prep the stencils.
Tattoo placements are limited to the arm and wrist only. The exact placement will be decided on the day of your appointment, allowing for discussion and agreement between you and Trikona.
It is recommended to exfoliate and moisturize your skin in the lead-up to your appointment. However, on the day of the appointment, please refrain from applying anything to your skin.

We cannot tattoo anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age.

To ensure proper healing, you must avoid exposing your tattoo to strong sunlight or soaking it in water (such as swimming or sauna) for at least 3 weeks after getting the tattoo. Therefore, it is advisable not to book an appointment before a holiday.
Any necessary touch-ups required after the healing process can be done for free at the Tattoo Artist's studio in Wales. Availability for touch-ups in London cannot be guaranteed.

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Suzie, known as Trikona Tattoos, is a skilled tattoo artist in the Welsh countryside. From her peaceful studio, she specializes in delicate handpoked tattoos with bespoke designs inspired by astrology, nature, paganism, tarot, and magic symbolism. With a background in yoga, she values the physical, energetic, and esoteric aspects of her work. Suzie exclusively uses the handpoke method, offering a quieter and less painful tattooing experience. Her cozy retreat studio in mid-Wales showcases beautiful views.