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Saturday 9th December
11AM - 1 PM
Tamara Driessen & Kelsey McCormick

You thought that becoming your own boss meant that you’d be living the four-hour workweek dream, sipping iced lattes with your laptop in cute cafes and meeting clients that feel like your besties.

You didn’t have diving onto your laptop first thing in the morning because a client has decided that they need you to do something, like yesterday, too busy to have breakfast, working evenings and weekends, and so disillusioned that it feels as if your vision board is mocking you.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

Somehow you’ve created a business monster.

One that’s eating all of your time, energy, creativity and profits.

And it’s out of control.

The thing is, you’ve been so occupied trying to be everything to everyone to get the booking, you’ve lost focus and you’re questioning what you’re doing.

What if we told you that you don’t need to reinvent your business, rebrand, take a break or start again in the new year to realign with your vision.

The transformation you’re looking for begins with the transformation you have to offer; let us show you how.

Joining forces with Kelsey McCormick’s expertise in brand growth, sales strategy and launching, and Tamara Driessen’s expertise in money manifestation and abundance attraction, this duo are hosting a brand manifestation workshop that will take you from feeling disconnected from your purpose to attracting your dream clients and opportunities.

It’s all about discovering what makes you magnetic aka so clear and excited about what you have to offer that increasing your cashflow has never been easier.

This workshop takes amplifying your offers to another level.

If you’re ready to become the go-to person for the clients and community you desire, this one’s for you.

Your Host

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Kelsey McCormick is a squiggle-brained brand designer, marketing strategist, teacher, mentor, and the Chief Brand Botanist at Coming Up Roses. With over a decade of experience growing brands in the music industry (including Coachella), Kelsey’s ability to synthesize skills and gifts into a thriving ecosystem is where she helps her clients bloom. Kelsey is passionate about empowering creative professionals to fearlessly and unapologetically show up as their full selves online and IRL. Her signature frameworks, courses, and programs have helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to expansively transform their lives and businesses.

Tamara Driessen is a tarot reader, intuitive guide and author of The Crystal Code and Luna. She’s your intuition’s biggest advocate because she knows that manifesting the lifestyle of your dreams is an inside job. Well-known for her sell out Moon Ceremonies, Gold Digger: Money Manifestation Course and intuition activating workshops.