About this experience

Shirley offers a unique blend of tarot and oracle readings, providing in-depth guidance tailored to your needs. During sessions, she seamlessly integrates clairvoyant messages, enriching the insight she offers.

Her approach is designed to help you harmonize with the natural flow of life, reconnect with self-compassion, and unfold into your authentic self. Together, you'll explore your current path, illuminated by the wisdom of the cards, revealing personal revelations along your journey.

Prepare to unlock your full potential and embrace the magic within you.

Your Host

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Shirley has been practicing Tarot readings for 10 years.
She is an intuitive reader who sees the arcanas as portals of understanding, as well as a support for her intuition and her clairaudience. She also uses Oracles cards to complete the Tarot and have a more accurate message. Her guidance will support you in your journey, in collaboration with her spiritual team which she has named Astro Black.
Please remember to always take what resonates and to always exercise your free will.