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Are you ready to set off on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and self-love? Meet Sarah—your guide to the realms of magic, mysticism, and authenticity.

Sarah's tarot readings are tailor-made to help you get in sync with your natural flow of life. She'll help you connect back to your self-compassion and identify how you might blossom into your most authentic self.

Sarah's sessions will gently explore your current place along life's path, using the cards as tools to light the way forward. Together, you’ll dive deep into the wisdom of tarot, unveiling the personal revelations that lie along your unique journey. Whether you're looking for clarity, guidance, or simply a reconnection with your inner self, Sarah's here for you.

Sarah's readings begin with a grounding meditation and then flow into an exploration of the cards - searching for the messages that are most important for you right now. Toward the end of the reading, you'll choose a final card that resonates with your hopes and dreams. Sarah will then guide you through a visualisation to immerse you into that energy—an embodied practice of alchemization and integration.

She'll leave you with personalised prompts and affirmations inspired by your reading for you to take away with you so that you can harness this energy beyond the reading and into the real world. Get ready to unlock your full potential and discover the magic that's been inside you all along.

✨ Please note that all one-to-one sessions are for single individuals; we cannot allow additional people to sit in on a reading. We understand that it can be tempting to bring a friend or family member along, but we believe that each individual deserves to receive a personalized and private experience.

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Sarah is a tarot reader and movement artist, with her practice rooted in radical tenderness. She believes in working gently and sensitively with questions that bring us into alignment with our deeper sense of self. With her vast experience working with the body, she facilitates spaces that allow for finding stillness, calm and a deep inner listening. Working with the tarot deck she draws on this, exploring the deck creatively for dynamic meditations that build an embodied connection to the cards, as well as using visualisation and breath work to help enter into states of introspection and reflection in which we are open to guidance from the symbols that find their way to us.

Sarah is the creator of FIND ME, FOOL, a site-specific performance exploring queer experience and tarot, that uses the imagery of the tarot to tenderly depict the joys and struggles of daily life in a home of chosen family. As well as tarot reading, she is a facilitates embodied tarot work where she guides both readers and querents to delve into the deck through the body, using movement to uncover memory, experience, image, emotion and understanding in response to the cards, finding depth and personal connection.