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SLC Astro Club: Align with Leo
Tuesday 6th August
Amanda Simon

Are you curious about Astrology and how it impacts our lives on a day-to-day basis? Do you want to gain an understanding of the here-and-now, and decode the astrological weather of our current climate?

Our monthly Astro Club with SLC resident astrologer Amanda Simon is an opportunity to check-in your like-minded astro-curious community and explore astrology in action, making it relevant to current affairs, personal affairs and social consciousness.

Think monthly horoscopes, but with more depth, relevance and understanding. The world of astrology is vast and has so much depth for us to explore. One of the most challenging aspects is understanding how to progress, learn, and experiment with celestial energies. In SLC Astro Club, you’ll walk away with the Astro forecast and the tools to use your own birth chart for empowerment and liberation. 

Beginner? No problem we’ve got your back! Seasoned pro? You’ll love it! All are welcome as we seek to cultivate an astro community and deep-dive into the planetary movements. It’s a space to learn, laugh, connect and explore and is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about astrology!

"Leo - fixed fire, the roar of the lion's heat of summer exertion - the time when play and extroversion look for their full expression . Leo is where the sun is at home, custodian to our heart - all that we love, how we express that love and how we wish to be adored in return. Abandon, unabashed raw life vigour . Leo wants to shine and help everyone else shine too but can suffer from needing to be extraordinary doubting whether that which is quiet, plain and unexceptional is loveable. There is often much work to be done with the Leo in us, just to be allowed to be both with that which is unique and unrepeatable in us all and that which is regular and routine. Working to recognise all is valid shine , not just the showy glowy stuff but all of us is radiant, however bright it burns. We are also often scared of Leo, everyone has Leo somewhere, scared to shine as bright as we are entitled to, feel allowed to, feel capable of . It is a rich realm and a realm that is often overly simplified, with the shadows and shames often not tended to. But we will go there, and will be helped with Mercury’s retrograde in Leo - Mercury the master messenger who can journey between the realms, always has gifts to share if we have the ears to see, and the eyes to hear." 

Choose to come every month, or dip in and out. There are no rules… other than the planetary rules that is!

Topics include:
✨Monthly Astro forecast in relation to us as individuals and the collective.
✨The energies of each Zodiac sign and how their traits might impact us
✨ How the planets' transits show up in our lives individually and on the collective
✨ Moonology and the lunar phases to encourage cyclical living
✨ The myths and legends buried within the stars and how they illuminate the skies 

Your Host

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Amanda is an Astrologer, Artist, Acutonics practitioner, writer and educator who skillfully weaves together her various practices and perspectives, past and present. She advocates, with all her heart, amplifying the complexity and multiplicity of life. Through her works, she care-fully co-creates the capacity for a plugged-in participation with all that life brings and holds. Much of her training has been in the US, where she has found an Astrological sensibility that weaves together Hellenistic, Sumerian and Psychological Astrology. These strands have been crafted into her own mythopoetic reading practice. Additionally she works with planetary frequencies and is trained in Psychotherapeutic modalities.