About this experience

Tuesday 31st October
7PM - 8:30PM

Samhain is a powerful time for transformation, death and rebirth.  Ceremonial work is amplified during this powerful energetic portal; and as the veil thins, we are being divinely supported and held in our surrender and our unfolding by our ancestors & our guides. 

Join Bella for a deeply potent and nourishing healing ceremony to reclaim your life force energy, your power and your sovereignty from all timelines.

During this ceremony, we will be focusing on the reclamation and the realignment of your energy, supporting you in forming a deeper connection to your authentic self and needs, and your sovereignty.

We will begin with a nourishing and heart opening rose & hibiscus tea, followed by a guided grounding meditation and breath work practice.

We will then connect and ground into our bodies and authentic selves with alchemic embodied movement, working through our energy bodies, shedding anything no longer serving us and reclaiming our life force energy, our sovereignty. 

You will then be guided into stillness and bathed in Sekhem Reiki Energy and Sacred Sound Frequencies to support the alignment and strengthening of your souls song. 

You will leave feeling lighter, more grounded and embodied and connected to your authentic self. 

W H A T  T O  E X P E C T : 
A heart opening rose & hibiscus tea ceremony 
Grounding Guided Breathwork 
Energetic Boundary Setting
Clearing of any Stagnant Energy 
A deeper connection to your authentic self 
A deeper connection to your creativity, and your inner children
Alchemic Embodied Movement 
Sekhem Reiki Energy Healing
Sacred Sound Healing Journey 
Energetic Alignment 
A crystal gift to take home with you

W H A T  T O  P R E P A R E
⁣⁣⁣⁣ Some comfy clothes that you can move about in, and lay down and receive in love
⁣⁣⁣⁣ Any crystals you may feel called to work with 
⁣⁣⁣⁣ Water
⁣⁣⁣⁣ Try not to drink caffeine or alcohol before or after the ceremony 
⁣⁣⁣⁣ Try not to eat a heavy meal before the ceremony 

Your Host

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Bella is a trauma informed reiki master, sound healer, yin yoga, embodiment and breath work teacher and the founder of The Temple of I - a safe space for you to come home to yourself, to release and shift anything that you no longer need, to call in and embody your light, and to step into your sovereignty. Born into a lineage of healers, Bella’s experiences of energy began at a very young age, initially expressing itself through clairvoyance and healing touch.

Combining sacred sound, reiki, breath work and embodiment during her sessions, Bella creates a nurturing and safe space where you will be deeply held and supported to enable deep healing, connecting you to your body and your needs, bringing you back into harmony, back home to yourself.