About this experience

A Psychic Reading brings you guidance for what you need in the moment. It helps to build your confidence and get to a joyful and peaceful state. Professional Psychic Mediums have extrasensory and metaphysical abilities which allow them to recieve in-depth insights from your spirit team and/or loved ones. Many people in all areas of society, from political, corporate and individual, often have Psychic readings to receive accurate and detailed support on their specific life goals and challenges.

In a psychic reading, your intuition is validated! Your anxiety about the unknown vanishes because you know that you are supported by your guides. You will receive clear and useful information helping you to move with confidence in the next step of your life.

Explore the unseen with Aude Firmin and find the answers you seek.

✨ Please note that all one-to-one sessions are for single individuals; we cannot allow additional people to sit in on a reading. We understand that it can be tempting to bring a friend or family member along, but we believe that each individual deserves to receive a personalized and private experience.


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Aude Firmin is a gifted professional Psychic Medium with a profound connection to the spiritual realm. Trained at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London, she has honed her natural abilities to provide insightful and compassionate readings.

With over a decade of experience, Aude specialises in Psychic readings and Mediumship, offering guidance and messages from the other side to clients worldwide.

Aude combines her intuitive gifts with a deep sense of empathy and understanding, creating a safe and supportive environment for her clients. Her sessions are known for their accuracy, depth, and healing impact. Her mission is to empower individuals through spiritual guidance and to bring healing and closure by bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.