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Join Evidential Psychic-Medium David Petrusich for an 8-week course that introduces you to the mechanics of psychic reading.

This is a course that explores the principles, methods, and ethics of psychically reading without the use of an oracle or cards. By working with exercises alongside partners in break-out rooms, you will gain experience and confidence in giving readings.

Over 8 weeks, you’ll gain experience with…
✨ Evidence-based psychism & mediumship
✨ Principles, methods & ethics of reading
✨ Connecting to the essence of a reading, the recipient & their loved ones in Spirit
✨ Getting clear & helpful information
✨ Giving multiple readings in each class

Psychic AF II encourages you to be in process and explore your edges while you learn to trust the information you’re receiving. No one is expected to “perform” or give a full reading.  Even if you don’t want to give readings as a professional offering, this course will validate your psychic knowing and suspend your mind’s disbelief in it!

The first 4 weeks of Psychic AF Intermediate focus equally on lectures, exercises and 1x1 readings, while the last four weeks focus heavily on exercises, multiple 1x1 readings, and group discussion. Although the course is primarily focused on psychic reading, it also devotes 2 weeks to mediumistic theory and practice.

Lastly, Psychic AF II focuses on reading techniques vs. development techniques, which makes it ideal for those who have worked with their intuition, psychic senses, or meditative practices in some capacity already.

If you’re unsure if the course content is suitable for your current level of development, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions!

This course is for you if: 
✨ You have a beginner-level understanding of psychic abilities & are ready to dive deeper.
✨ You want to learn how to read psychically without the use of cards or other oracles.
✨ You are curious about the Spirit World & mediumship.
You want to build confidence in your ability and trust what you are receiving.
✨ You are wanting to gain experience by providing (& sitting for) weekly live readings.

Course curriculum: 
✨ Week 1 - Ethics + reader mechanics
✨ Week 2 - Reading the energetic body
✨ Week 3 - Mastering psychic blending
✨ Week 4 - Introduction to mental mediumship
✨ Week 5 - Working with psychic evidence: locations + the energetic body
✨ Week 6 - Working with psychic evidence: relationships + life events
✨ Week 7 - Working with psychic evidence: timelines, predictions + questions
✨ Week 8 - Working with spirit evidence: guides + deceased loved ones

Please note that this is an online course and sessions are not available to buy individually. 
✨ Payment plans are available at checkout via Clearpay.
All sessions will be recorded and sent out to attendees the following day.
Spaces are limited, and our early bird pricing ends on 1st May.

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David is an Evidential Psychic-Medium, Sidereal Astrologer, Esoteric Teacher, and Artist based in Seattle, Washington. For 9 years, David has worked with individuals and communities to help normalize psychism and connect deeper with the spirit world. In addition to training with some of the world's best Mediums, David has also had extensive training in the yogic sciences and polyvagal theory. Teaching others how to facilitate their own alchemy is at the core of his work, and a session with him is sure to leave you clear, inspired, and at ease.