About this experience

Every full and new moon
7-8 PM 
Tree Carr 

Enter She’s Lost Control’s digital portal with Tree Carr. This is Moon Space. 
A global cyber circle from our corner of the universe to yours. A space to gather every full and new moon only in the digital realms of She’s Lost Control. 

High Priestess Witch and author Tree will guide you through rituals of energy cleansing, circle casting, centring, meditation, herb work, sigil making, intention making, integration, Tarot and more. 

The new and full moons are pivotal lunar events and an important part of the path of the witch. New Moons are a time for setting intentions and sowing the seeds of what we want to bring into our lives, and Full Moons are a time for integration, catharsis, and release. 

Moon Space a sacred space for moon gazers to gather, connect and transcend through the digital realms, in the midst of our hectic lives. It is a place to settle into meditation, honour your self-care, acquire magical teachings, and receive Tarot guidance for the road ahead. It is a place be held in collective care by a community of fellow witches.

Whether you are a seasoned witch or just starting out, our Moon Space will help nourish you along your magical path. Come and grow with us through the cycles of the moon!

This is Moon Space... a global gathering like no other.

What you'll need as part of your regular Moon Space kit:
✨ A fireproof cauldron (most fire spells will need one!)
✨ Charcoal discs
✨ Tarot cards
✨ Herbal cleansing tools like cedar, rosemary, sage, palo santo

Not all witches are women. This online gathering is open to all people across all gender identities and expressions.

Please note: This event is online only. If you'd like to join our in-person moon circles, please book directly here.

Your Host

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Tree is a published author working in the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination. Tree has explored the realms of mysticism and consciousness since she was a child. Her deep intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship abilities have helped people worldwide as has her incredibly insightful tarot guidance.