About this experience

Sunday 14th May
11 AM - 12:30 PM
Melissa Maouris

They say it takes a village to raise a child, yet so few of us have access to this in the modern world. Right now a mother is expected to juggle many roles and holds more responsibilities than ever.  

It’s scientifically proven that we are less reactive when we feel connected and heard by others. For centuries women and mothers gathered together in circles to speak their truth and feel held by other women. When we lost that, we lost our ability to make sense of ourselves.

It Takes A Village is a space for mothers to come together and feel seen and understood. Whether you are called to come and share or simply listen, this is a place to receive and be met exactly where you are. There will also be access to coaching tools and techniques to thrive in your parenthood journey from Melissa’s Raising Parents coaching programme. 

This session is open to mums with babes in arms, expectant mums, mums to children old and young, step mums and anyone who identifies with the mother archetype. You're welcome to bring your little pre-crawlers with you.

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Melissa Maouris is an accredited Conscious Parenting Coach, trained by clinical psychologist Dr Shefali (author of best selling books The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family). She helps parents live and thrive in the wisdom that our children are sent to us to help us awaken to our authentic nature and crack open our conditioning. Through teaching clients to Reparent themselves, she has seen them reach their full potential and become truly authentic. Melissa has since mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy, worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. Mentored by best selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsh, Melissa’s intuitive approach is rooted in ancient mystical concepts delivered for the modern age.