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Stuck in an area of your life? Want to make a change? At a crossroads? Lucy's Tarot readings remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be. She gets right to the heart of the matter and explores your options, so you can take your life into your own hands. Her mission is to cut the B.S. and help you gain clarity and empowerment.  

The Tarot is an invaluable tool for connecting to your intuition, making aligned life choices & seeing whats ahead in your journey. The Tarot helps to remedy uncertainty, as it shows you your options.

The Archetype of the Priestess is a woman who knows. She is in touch with her power, sensuality and the mysteries of the world. During these Priestess Tarot Sessions, Lucy will guide you to the root of your question and help you make the most empowered, juicy choices for the months ahead.

Lucy is a fully initiated High Priestess of Magdalene and accredited Past Life Regressionist, during these sessions there is the opportunity to do deep soul work around accessing past life information and uncovering soul contracts. 

✨ Please note that all one-to-one sessions are for single individuals; we cannot allow additional people to sit in on a reading. We understand that it can be tempting to bring a friend or family member along, but we believe that each individual deserves to receive a personalized and private experience.

Your Host

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Lucy Porter is an astrologer particularly focused on love, sex and relationships.

Her belief of using astrology as a tool for dating has been featured on various media platforms including: BBC, Vice, Daily Mail, Ireland AM & Sheerluxe. Lucy’s passion is the re-emergence of mysticism in a humorous, accessible and juicy way.

She is an initiated High Priestess & Certified Matchmaker, she calls herself a ‘Priestess in the City'—like a spiritual Carrie Bradshaw who walks around with a bunch of sage, instead of a Marlboro Light!

Lucy is a reader and teacher of Tarot, creating her own unique method, to teach anyone Tarot in just 4 weeks. Her passion is to see people waking up to their worthiness, self love & innate magic.

Lucy has studied women’s tantra for 3 years, and is fascinated by the liberation of the feminine and how it can be brought to love, sex and dating.