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...And we’d love to invite you on the journey with us. The SLC Collective is about supporting and empowering us all to grow and expand, for the greater good of people and planet.

As we all navigate this troublesome world, we thought you may find it supportive to learn about the various benefits are available to you as an SLC Resident. 

These aren't necessarily new offerings, we just wanted to create a space where you can see all the benefits available to you as part of the SLC fam. We value you and your work, and making a poostive social impact is an important pillar that runs deep within the brand. So this is us formalising those efforts and spelling them out in black and white. 


Let's get crystal clear on your benefits and gifts as part of the SLC Collective...


Free Space.

The use of Valentine Road for free so that you can grow in your practice. We understand that trying out new sessions or concepts; hiring somewhere to shoot your new headshots; or even finding somewhere private and spacious for a creative brainstorming session, can often come with a financial burden. So let us make this a little easier for you by offering you our gorgeous space at Valentine Road for up to twice a year at off-peak times, or once a year at peak. We understand the importance of personal growth in business and want to champion your expansion.

To book your spot and read the full T&Cs HERE.

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Community Love.

Do you have an idea for a community, charitiy or donation based event but need a free venue? We'd love to help you with that, and are offering the SLC Collective priority on bookings. This is an opportunity for us to work in harmony and make a positive social impact on a local or global level. Whether it's creating a safe space for marginlised groups; raising awareness and educating on social or environmental issues; providing much needed rest or support for vulnerable locals; raising money for a charity or crowd funding project; supporting local youths; or simply providing a safe space for locals to come together without any financial burden, we're happy to provide Valentine Road for free. Full details on our Community Space Hire can be found HERE.

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We offer all our SLC Residents a 10% discount across all products and events (in store and online). Simply enter your unique code at the check out. Oh, and on your birthday, don't forget you get 20% discount... Happy Birthday from us! 

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As healers, space holders and practitioners, we know how energetically draining things can get. So from time to time we will gift you experiences such as float tanks, light therapy, aura photography, etc. Just keep an eye out for the SLC Collective newsletter.

Our Promise...

As a resident within the SLC Collective, we are comitted to championing you and your growth...



All SLC Residents will receive a dedicated space on our website where customers can discover their talents. You will also be included in our newsletters (15k mailing list), Instagram posts (32k followers), and blog posts (with a view to increase SEO effectivity). 


Content Creation.

We will actively seek opportunities to invest in photo or video shoots with you for ongoing content. In some cases we will put spend behind the content on Instagram which is something we are exploring currently. 

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Private Events.

The Private Events and Corporate side of the business is a growth area for us.  We have been designing and curating bespoke activations for brands, corporate businsses, festivals and creative agencies since 2016. Our high profile clients continue to work with us because of the inventive way we create unique and tailor-made experiences, from idea through to production. As part of the SLC Collective, we will offer you the most aligned private events for your area of expertise and negotiate the highest fee possible, relative to each client. You're under no obligation to confirm the events we offer you, but generally speaking they're fun and well paid. 

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We are regularily contacted by press and TV for recommendations of practitioners and healers. As the SLC Collective you are on our go-to talent list. Recently, we have hooked practitioners and talent up with Dazed, Elle, Channel 4, The Evening Standard, Sky, It's Nice That, and The Sunday Times Style, to name a few. 


Optional Extras...

Here are a few completely optional extras to further support your growth... dip into them as much or as little as often. 



We're super grateful for all the clients and recommendations you guys send our way. So if you wish, we can set you up with your own introductory referral code for your customers to use on SLC product. They will receive an introductory 10% off, and you will recieve a 10% kickback as a thankyou each time your code is used.  

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SLC Gatherings

From time to time we will host small gatherings for the SLC Collective, to hang-out, meet one another and have a bit of fun. We love collaboration and bringing talented souls together. 

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Healers supporting healers.

Do you feel called to help other healers on their journey? Being part of the SLC Collective will give you the opportunity to offer event swaps to each other to gain trusted feedback, or simply for rest and personal growth. We will faciliate a closed network for you to share your incredible work and offerings. 



We know what you're thinking, 'not another whatsapp group!', but this is a closed group for the SLC Collective to seek advice and support from one another. It's an opportunity to share your work, promote ideas and rise together. Running a business can sometimes be isolating, so we hope this group will bring connection and combat some of the challenges faced by wellness practitioners. You can join HERE.

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As part of the SLC Collective, you have the chance to opt in to be an SLC Ambassador. Running a store, we know how effective upselling can be when it's honest and authentic, both for the customer and the retailer. If you offer a service where you feel that certain sustainable, natural and ethical SLC products would be a nice add-on for your clients, then we will waver the wholesale minimums for you. You can read more HERE.

The energy exchange...

To be part of the SLC Collective and take advantage of being a an SLC Resident, all we ask is for you to kindly commit to...



A minimum of 4 events per year, either IRL at Valentine Road/Broadway Market or digitally. We work with many of you in different ways, so 4 events for one practitioner may look differnt to another practitioner, you all have your own unique angle and scope of work, which we love celebrating. 



Promoting your events and collaborations with SLC across social media (min 3 insta posts/reels/stories per event), and email newsletter (min 1x per event). 

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Unique Events.

We want your events to perform as well as possible, so please refrain from hosting the same event elsewhere in a close proximity to avoid splitting sales. 


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