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Since launching She’s Lost Control many moons ago in 2014, it’s been our heartfelt mission to mindfully build a conscious lifestyle brand that serves a higher purpose… 

Back in the early days, our Founder Jill Urwin felt the calling to leave her 10 year career in Fashion Buying to create a world that authentically reflected her own journey and growing passions. The world of fast fashion was soon to be a distant memory and Jill began to create a space where conscious consumerism, community and personal wellbeing could flourish.

“As I began to explore the world of alternative wellness, spiritual growth and ancient wisdom, I increasingly felt that I didn’t fit in, know enough, or even look the part. Total imposter syndrome. So I decided to create a modern wellness space that felt fresh, accessible, and supportive; modernising the narrative of spirituality.”
Jill Urwin, SLC Founder

SLC is an ever-evolving journey of transformation... 

Meet the practitioners


Tarot is an ancient artform that has been practiced over hundreds of years and here at SLC we celebrate this while offering a modern and person-centered twist to this classic modality. Our renowned readers offer sessions tailored to you and a Tarot reading can provide an opportunity to explore and reflect as well as helping you to gain a sense of clarity, purpose and direction. Blending symbolism, reflective practice and celebrating the many stages, lessons and cycles life offers, you'll be able to explore and immerse yourself in powerful self-enquiry. Readings are offered both in our East London shopping sanctuary, as well as online, so no matter where you are, you can connect in an expertly held space for a profound and personal experience.



An Astrology reading is more than a one-dimensional look at your Sun sign. It offers a unique peek into what was happening in the sky the very moment you were born and how this can have symbolic resonance and a deep impact on your life. Your Astrological birth chart highlights the rich matrix of astrological weather when you were born and gives an insightful glimpse into your world. Discover your own personal chart and form a connection to the planets, asteroids and placements that help to make up the map of you. Our renowned readers will guide you on a journey back to you and can support you with understanding the bigger picture as well as opening up new pathways of wisdom and wonder for you to explore. Whether you have a specific question, concern or you find yourself going through one of life's many challenges, changes or rites of passage, an Astrology reading can unveil a new map to meaning personal to you.



Everything is energy and Aura Photography sessions with us are explorations of realms that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Delving into the intriguing space between science and mysticism, our bio-data sensor takes you on a journey of self discovery. Capturing a perception of your aura through the lens of a camera, to provide you with something tangible to bring your mind into the present. You will have your aura photo taken and receive a physical polaroid photograph with a card that describes all the different aura colours and positionings. This will be followed by an aura reading by Team SLC’s energy healers to help you understand your aura. Each reading comes complete with a Polaroid of you and your unique aura, contained within a card with helpful information on the aura colours that you can continue to use for reflection.



Our readers offer a range of psychic-led readings, designed to support you in accessing your higher self and supporting you wherever you are on your journey. From past-life regression to psychic clearings, these sessions can afford you the opportunity to connect deeply to your own intuition, your purpose and your guides, as well as releasing energy that no longer serves you. Psychic readings can include work on the aura, chakras and energy body and can assist with releasing attachments and energetic cords that are preventing you from living into your highest truth and potential. Please check out our renowned readers to see the range of unique offerings available.



The Akashic Records are an energetic source of information where the history of all souls, past, present and future, are recorded. Often referred to as the 'Book of Life', the Records contain every thought, choice, and action that either has, is or will be taken and offers a unique glimpse into your Soul's path. In a reading, your facilitator will open and tap into your own personal Records and channel all the information available, always for your highest good. Whether you have specific questions about your purpose, direction or path or if you want to be held so that the wisdom of this Universal library can flow, you'll be held in a safe and loving space to explore your unique life path. Whatever your choice, trust that you will receive the guidance that is most helpful to you at this point in your journey. Every reading is incredibly healing, unique, and insightful, and is done with respect and love.



Enjoy the gift of healing with one of our special She’s Lost Control gift cards. We offer a range of gift cards for our wellness events, 1:1's as well as our products in-store and online. You can use your gift card in our shopping sanctuary at 74 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ, on our website, or via a virtual shopping appointment which is bookable via our website. You can decide to email the gift card to yourself or whomever you are gifting. You will be prompted at the checkout to add any personalised messages which will be sent with the gift card. Your gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


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