Crystal Clear Initiative

She's Lost Control are the proud funders of Crystal Clear™, promoting mine to market transparent crystals with a social conscience.

Crystal Clear™ was founded in 2019 by SLC's Founder and sustainability advocate, Jill Urwin. The primary social objective is to reinvest profits back into the community, specifically to support and empower Artisanal Small Scale Miners, for whom mining is often a route of poverty.

"Crystal Clear was born out of necessity," says Jill, "unfortunately the crystal industry is outdated and lacks regulated guidelines. That's not to say that practices are necessarily unethical, but without full transparency or regulations, claims of fair trade cannot be validated. To transform the industry is a huge undertaking but we have to start somewhere, so we're proudly leading the dialogue in this untouched territory."


So what does this mean? Well, its means that 

every crystal you buy goes straight back into the