Reiki School with Nieve Tierney + SLC

Nieve Tierney
Nieve Tierney, SLC Reiki Master and Energy Healer

As a Pisces (natch) I have always been a deep feeler, "sensitive", an empath and had little niggles, that as I have got older have become harder and harder to ignore. Some call it good judge of character... others say listening to your belly brain or as I now know it - straight up listening and trusting my intuition.

This voice/niggle can get cloudy and dulled down sometimes and I have come to realise that in order for me to listen and trust it, I need to manage my energy and boundaries. Getting sober, self care and looking after myself has all helped, but in the last year or so I have started working with energy workers and implementing their techniques into my routine where I can.

Working with amazing healers on our roster like Nieve Tierney and Leila Sadeghee to name but a few has got me real curious about doing my Reiki attunement. I caught up with Neive recently about our Reiki schools, the differences between the two and how I could harness by intution and level up my energy by stepping into the wonderful world of Reiki.

" Reiki is a deep connection to self – understanding how different energetic frequencies and vibrations that go through us – are impacted by our environment thoughts and behaviours."

Jeni Purvis + Jill Urwin
Jeni (left) SLC manager with SLC Founder Jill Urwin (right).

Reiki - the down low!

Reiki is deeply connecting to yourself and your energetic frequency. Understanding what energy is yours and what isn’t, where your energy ends and where others begins. It is understanding the energetic frequencies and vibrations that flow through us and how these can be impacted by behaviours, environment and thoughts. Learning Reiki is a journey on deepening your understanding of self. How to hear, understand and intuit what it’s telling you on an energetic level and where energy gets stuck in body based on trauma and everyday stresses. As you begin your Reiki journey, you learn how to send healing to those parts of your body. This will work on an emotional/physical and spiritual level.

container set up
Nieve next to crystals
collective crystal gridding


On Reiki level 1 you learn how to support your energy, to hear what your body is telling you and what your body needs energetically. The outside world becomes less noisy, and you can hear your own needs rather than responding to what the world around you says. As you bring that lens inwards and quiet the noise, you can’t be manipulated as easy and don’t respond to things in same way once you start to understand this on a deeper level. On Reiki 1 you deepen your connection to self, send yourself Reiki healing, understand that we are energetic bodies and how this works with the world around us. You can then begin to work on healing pets/friends/family and start how different energy bodies work.

Done your Reiki 1? It’s now time to go even deeper and get attuned, you can access Reiki in both level 1 + 2 but attunement is deeper in level 2. We begin to introduce symbols, symbols act as intentions - a very focused intention of how and where we want to send energy. The different symbols hold a different frequency and different intentions, and we begin to layer these into our practice. We start to understand how energy can transcend time and space and see the ripple effect of us sending intention or energy from one part of the world to another. There are lots of scientific case studies to support this and tests to see how this changes on a cellular level. Nieve on top of her regular face to face clients, has an international client base in Australia, Dubai, Paris, NYC and LA and sends distant healing to people in UK who can’t do in person. In Reiki 2 you will learn how to send distant healing.

Nieve teaches from a Western and Japanese lineage; Western Reiki came from Japan to Hawaii then was adapted and spread across the US to accommodate more western mindset i.e. more practical and left brain focused. Nieve combines this with teaching students how to develop and deepen their intuition and knowing how and where to send healing as opposed to being too formulaic in process.

Reiki level 2 is about taking crutches off in learning this ancient art and learning how to send healing intuitively. Whereas Reiki 1 is following steps and a system. You will leave both learning containers fully set up with lots of tools and lots of practice. Nieve will also cover in Reiki level 2 how to set up as practitioner and the practicalities around this. This is based on how Nieve herself and her previous students have done it. In addition to completing your Reiki 2 certification, you will be provided with a manual to continue learning from and she will also invite you to join a WhatApp group in a 21 day container so you cans share tools and progress as the attunement will take up to the 21 st day.

" On Reiki Level 2 you start to understand how energy can transcend time and space. You can see ripples of how sending intention or energy from one part of the world, can impact people on other side of the world. There have been lots of scientific case studies to support this and tests to see changes on a cellular level. "


Inspired like me to work with and on your energy? Join us on Reiki school or we have several energy workshops with Leila Sadeghee coming up over the summer. No more energy vampires for 2024!!!

Big Love Jen + Team SLC xx