I am

Own your story.

Say it. Own it. Embody it. Manifest it. 

As usual, we’re boycotting Black Friday, and this time shifting the focus onto YOU. What does it feel like to be authentically YOU? What’s your story? We asked some of our inspirational and loyal customers how they embody ‘I am’ as an affirmation. You can read more about their stories and why we chose them to represent our 'I am' collection below. We all have the power to manifest our journey when we embody ‘I am’ as an affirmation. We all have a story.  

What’s more, we’ll be donating 15% from sales of our new natural crystal candles and energy mists to charities nominated by our 6 chosen customers. When we developed our new natural crystal candles and energy mists, it was important to us that they evoked the feelings of Love, Calm and Protection on every energetic level. So not only do the botanical blends enhance the natural rhythm of the body and mind, but they harness the power of ‘I am’ as an affirmation.

Meet our 'I AM' advocates...

I am Lauren Mahon

I am Beth Harwood

I am Kate Fleur Young

I am Fumie Kimura

I am Fatuma Hali Mahad

I am Ryan

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Kate Fleur Young
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