About this experience

Saturday 11th June
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

A space designed for deepest nourishment and rest.

Through the therapeutic systems of Yoga Nidra and sound healing we discover an opportunity to slow down and reconnect to ourselves and our bodies as we re-claim our vital energy from within. Yoga Nidra is a beautiful, gentle, yogic sleep meditation that takes place lying down.

Here we enter a dream-like state between waking and sleeping and the body is able to rest deeply.

The Goddess Yoga Nidra (who embodies the night time and the moon) holds us in this nurturing practice. My voice will guide you on a visualisation through inner and outer realms and the nidra will prepare the body to receive the healing sound vibrations from the and crystal and Himalayan singing bowls into the deepest levels of our being.

Comforting rose tea will be provided after the sound journey and Louise will share rest tips and rest boundary practices that she has learnt on her own rest journey so that you can bring more rest into your own self care practices.

Please bring a journal & pen to write down any insights and your own water bottle.

Your Host

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Louise is a sound healing practitioner and somatics coach guiding people towards reclaiming their energy through the therapeutic rest systems of yoga nidra and sound healing. She holds nurturing spaces for groups and individuals to slow down, find embodied connection and experience more peace and well being. Louise has been on a deeply transformative plant medicine journey since 2015 and offers groups the opportunity to experience gentle plant medicine circles to explore and connect to the bodies’ wisdom and process the stories that are held there towards integration and wholeness.