About this experience

Friday 28th July
7 PM - 9 PM
Desiree Diaz

Embark on a transformative journey to unleash the untapped potential within your very core—the sacred sanctuary of your womb.

Step into a realm where profound healing awaits, as you connect deeper with your womb and release any stuck energy and emotions that you have been carrying around for way too long.

Within the depths of our womb lies a well of unparalleled power—a force that, once harnessed, can manifest your deepest desires and breathe life into your most cherished dreams. It is time to forge an unbreakable bond with this space, to unearth its secrets and unlock its limitless potential.

Join us in an special ceremony designed to immerse you in the awe-inspiring energy of your womb. This ceremony will incorporate Sekhem and Reiki energy healing, shamanic drumming, meditation, and a sacred herbal tea, specially crafted to nourish and restore the vitality of your womb.

This ceremony is your invitation to reclaim your connection with your womb, to release the shackles that bind you to past traumas, stale energies, and unfulfilling partnerships. Whether you're looking to create a deeper bond with your sacred center, cleanse and purify the energetic imprints of the past, or unravel the enigmatic power of your menstrual cycle, this experience is tailored to your unique journey.

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Desiree is a witch, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, womb healing and women circle facilitator. In all her offerings she creates a sacred space for you to feel held and reconnect to your sacred magick. Through her close relationship with Plant Spirits, she has facilitated a deeper connection with nature and guidance that the Spirits wanted to share with people.