About this experience

Tuesday 8th August
7 - 9 PM
Annette Müller

On 8/8, the Sun returns to its home in Leo, awakening a powerful opportunity to shine a light on what we most desire.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year on the 8th of August. It takes place when, the sun in the Leo, the Earth, Orion's Belt and the star Sirius (known as the "Spiritual Sun") are lined up—reminding us that when you want something, all the universe aligns to help you to achieve it.

In this workshop, Annette Muller, a contemporary witch and wisdom keeper from South Africa, will bring her knowledge on witches (healers) and how we, as modern-day women, can tap back into the magic and healing gifts that live within us all. This workshop will be an opportunity to destigmatize the word witch and any fear or shame you may hold around stepping into your power as a woman. 

When we have alchemized the witch wound—which often separates women from their innate power & each other—we can open the gates to our true purpose and prosperity. The Lion's Gate Portal is a potent time to do so.

Expect theory on the witch trials and witch wounds, an embodied practice of meeting your inner witch, & an opportunity to plant seeds of intention on this transformative evening.  

Your Host

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Annette is a radical women’s embodiment & empowerment guide; an entrepreneur & wisdom keeper. With her wealth of lived experience, she creates spaces for deep nourishment & liberation. Her signature methodology of the 4 Reclaimed Archetypes (The Witch, Bitch, Slut & Dyke) supports women to find freedom by transmuting their shame & fear. Annette was initiated in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing and is the founder of Wild Nettle, a movement to return ancient healing remedies to the world. Annette is also a doula and is currently studying to become a professor of Modern Matriarchy. Her offerings are simple and deep, rooting you back into your body and your connection to the Earth.