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Thursday 21st December
7PM - 8PM

The Winter Solstice is a very potent and magical festival to celebrate on the pagan Wheel of the Year. Since the last festival of Samhain the Earth has been withdrawing within itself and the daylight has been receding calling for an internal reflection and energy. We have been deepening into our wisdom and insights and slowing down the pace of life in some ways to honour that sense of regeneration that needs to happen for us to then shift the gears towards more outward motion. Something old must die in order for the new to be reborn - this has been a period of rest and darkness and it is vital to the cycle of life and of the seasons.

The Solstice brings the return of the Sun and a promise of more light to come. The days will increase and this moment of darkness before the expansion is a very powerful magical time to really hold your dreams and what you want you want to manifest close to your beating heart before you let them fly and birth them into existence.

Kate will guide you through a Ceremony, taking you through Winter magic, working with plants and herbs, intention setting and journaling into Sound that complement the natural power of the Winter Solstice and hold you in a beautiful and powerful ritualistic space. 

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Kate is a musician, artist and certified Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher from London. She has created a path where these modalities have become an integral part of her understanding of healing and transformation and totally changed her life.

Kate found Yoga and started practising ten years ago and it sent her on the most transformational journey in body, mind and spirit which totally changed her life. This moving meditation of breath unifying the body and the mind, lighting up the cells and allowing subtle but enormous long term shifts to happen opened up a whole new landscape of what wellness actually meant.