About this experience

Everyone is affected by colours - often more than we realise. Instinctively we are drawn to the colours that we most need at any particular time. Colour can be used to adjust our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual landscapes. In this workshop, through a mix of knowledge based and practical learning, we will learn how to harness the full vibrational potential of colour to improve your own intuitive practice.

What we will cover in this session:

The spiritual and intuitive language of colours.
Meditation practice to enhance your clairvoyance (clear seeing) and access clairvoyant information, working energetically with the third eye chakra.
How to receive messages through colour.
Auras: what are the colours and how to see them.
Your personal numerological colour and how to use it.

What to bring to the session:

A notebook and pen
Colouring materials (eg pencils, pastels of felt-tips)
A4 paper
An open heart and mind.

Fiongal is hosting a second part of the 'Vibration of Colours’ workshop series on 26th July, focusing on the use of vibrational colours for energetic healing.

Your Host

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Fiongal Greenlaw is a professional Tarot reader, psychic artist and spiritual adviser. He’s also the founder of The Wellness Foundry, a contemporary wellness brand offering intuitive readings, healings, astrology, spiritual guidance and teachings.  The Wellness Foundry has been listed in Time Out’s 7 Best Tarot Reading Spots in London, as well as appearing in the Independent, Metro, Evening Standard, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.