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Wednesday 14th June
6:30 PM + 8 PM
Alice Bell

Join us for a night of celebration and empowerment as we host renowned Vogue astrologer Alice Bell for a book signing and reading of her latest masterpiece, "Trust Your Timing: How to use astrology to navigate your love life and find your authentic self."

This book is for all of us: whether you're in a relationship, situationship, perpetually single, or newly single - your relationship status doesn't matter. For anyone wanting to better understand how to approach relationships and confidently step forward as your full, authentic self in your love life, you have come to the right place.

In "Trust Your Timing," Alice shows us how understanding our own astrology can transform our relationships. By guiding us through the basics of reading our birth charts (the map of stars and planets at the exact moment we are born) and then moving on to more advanced areas of astrology, she empowers us to trust our timing and live our lives more freely.

So, whether you're new to astrology or have been practicing for years, this book is a must-have companion for answering the questions you've always had about your love life and building stronger relationships.

Join us on Wednesday night at our Broadway Market shopping sanctuary to embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship enlightenment. We'll be joined by in-house SLC astrologer and Tarot reader Lucy Porter who will lead a conversation around astrology, love, navigating love and relationships with Alice. Afterward, have the opportunity to meet the author and have your copy personally signed.

Take advantage of 10% all products in store all night. Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided by Hip Pop Kombucha and Thomson & Scott Noughty.

Don't miss this extraordinary event that will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to embrace the cosmic dance of relationships!

Pre-order the book below and you can pick it up in-store at the party. We'll also send all delivery pre-orders out on the 1st of June.

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Alice is a full time astrologer, as well as the resident astrologer for British Vogue. She first got into astrology, because it helped validate certain personality traits she had always had trouble accepting, and it also made her more aware of what areas of life she needed to lean into to feel the most fulfilled. Through her work, she aims to help others find their unique life path and trust in their personal timing. In addition to her weekly horoscopes for Vogue, she is the author of the forthcoming book Trust Your Timing, which is about using astrology to better understand yourself and how you go about relationships. Her work has been featured in Vogue US, Refinery 29, Goop, The London Times, and Forbes.