About this experience

Saturday 24th February
2PM - 4PM
Leila Sadeghee

LOVE is the underlying fabric of all reality - and once you know that, it becomes so much easier to find loving resonance in every part of your life.

The key question is: are you currently living in a direction that allows you to access that knowledge? Are you moving on wave of love after wave of love? Or do the waves feel somehow unplugged from love or less than loving?

The crucial shifts in perception that facilitate the flood of love, the flood of all sorts of manifestations of love, are entirely possible for you.

Timeline Jumping is a technique to help you leap onto a a direction of experience that allows you to open these kinds of doors.

In this workshop, you will
✨ Explore your sense of what love is present & what is missing
✨ Pierce your limited perceptions that give you the sense of something missing or lacking
✨ Receive an Energy Weaving energy healing to clear limited conditioning
✨ Move your body to energise Love in your being (body-centred spellcasting)
✨ Experience several Timeline Jumps to open several new pathways to experience Love

Love is what you are and what everything in life can reveal. Come jump into deeper oceans of Love than what you currently think is possible.

Your Host

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Skilled at creating powerful healing spaces wherever her voice is heard, Leila is a practical mystic and a channel for beautiful healing energies. She leads ritual healing events, sacred pilgrimages, immersions in spiritual practices, yoga teacher training, and utterly magical retreats online and around the globe. Known for her talent in bringing the depth of the esoteric spiritual traditions into salient and accessible focus, she is a master ritualist and caller of communities centered in collective care and deep healing. Leila is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as a spiritual practice. She is a keeper of the Magdalene flame. She is a devotee of the Divine Mother in all Their forms, and she is a pilgrimage enthusiast for whom walking on sacred ground brings ecstatic satisfaction. She is also relentless in her service and studentship, is pretty great company, has a freewheeling sense of fun.