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Thursday 20th July
7 - 9 PM
Molly Anne Chinner

Sound, the most incredible, healing, and powerful force in the universe, holds the key to unlocking our inner sacredness and connecting with the immense potential of sonic healing.

Enter into THE VIBE LAB: an introduction to sound healing. In this workshop, we'll dip our toes into into the multiverse of sound and vibration and begin to tap into the great potential of sonic healing and the immense power of vibration, high frequency, voice, and music.

Sound has been revered for centuries for its profound ability to heal and transform. Scientifically, sound has been shown to affect our brainwaves, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. It can harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, restoring balance and promoting a sense of wholeness.

In this workshop, you'll not only learn the science behind sound healing but also discover how it can impact your nervous system, energy centers, and even cellular resonance.

We'll explore techniques to use your voice, instruments, and mantra to create therapeutic soundscapes. These sonic wonders can induce deep relaxation, release emotional blockages, and even facilitate energetic shifts. You'll be amazed at how sound has the power to awaken your creativity and unlock dormant potentials within you. It's like a direct line to your intuition and insight!

Consider this workshop as a tasty appetizer, leaving you hungry for more of this deep and ancient wisdom. It's all about connecting with your consciousness, embracing your creativity, and unleashing your unique gifts and authentic voice. You'll learn how to offer the beauty of your sonic medicine to the world, spreading those amazing healing vibes far and wide.

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A yoga, meditation and sound practitioner based in London. With a deep love of ritual and creating magical moments, Molly’s classes are soulful, playful and creative, exploring the union of body, mind and breath by guiding awareness deeper within. Drawing from her curiosity of the traditional energetic and elemental systems inspired by her study with teachers Shiva Rae, Tara Judelle, Talia Sutra and Meghan Currie, alongside her lifelong exploration into music, sound and vibrational healing, expect beauty, nourishment and lots of blissful tones.