About this experience

Friday 27th October
7 PM - 9 PM

Welcome to an evening of connecting us back to our heart center with the ancient Kemetic energy of Sekhem, Sound and the Netur Sekhmet. 

Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess, speaks for the lost voices of the past, the fear that hides within us, and the delicate balance between chaos and order. She embodies the raw power of fear—the primal instinct that has guided humanity through the darkest nights. She teaches us that acknowledging our fears is the first step towards conquering them, for it is in the embrace of fear that true courage is born. Sekhmet's voice resonates across time and space, a reminder that even in our most vulnerable moments, there is strength to be found.

Sekhem is universal light energy, when receiving Sekhem it takes us back down to our roots and heart.  Allowing for a connection of deep remembrance of ourselves. Sometimes we can feel depleted, not rooted in our bodies, leading too much with our heads.

This evening will allow you the space to connect back to your body, to your heart to find your balance again. Supported with a meditation and breath practice, hands-on or off Sekhem Energy Healing and Gong Bath.

This session can:
✨  provide space and time to be still in a busy world
✨  empower you to tap into your inner healer
✨  unlock limiting beliefs and help you speak your truth
✨  open new possibilities for growth and healing

This event is not advisable if you are pregnant or in the process of conceiving, experience conditions such as tinnitus, sound-induced epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure, have a pacemaker or metal plates, or have recently had an operation. Please only take part in the event if you are physically able. If you are unsure for any reason please contact your doctor or mental health professional first for advice.

Your Host

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Jaha is a Reiki Master, Sekhem energy healer and Sound Meditation Teacher. By holding and creating space, she encourages you to explore the layers that need to be unpeeled - to unlock your potential, and heal yourself. Moving forward from a place of wholeness, love, and acceptance - while truly connecting with the Healer within.