About this experience

Thursday 10th August
7 - 9 PM
Amber Sisson + Victoria Biggs

Would you like to have a more abundant life but don’t know where to begin? Then the Abundance Audit might be just what you need. 

Join Vickie and Amber for a two-hour workshop that teaches you how to create a more fulfilling and prosperous life through the spiritual principles of abundance. 

Within this workshop, Amber and Vickie will guide you through an audit to take stock of the key areas of your life and identify what may be blocking your abundance. They will then guide you through their key abundance foundations and teach you how to weave these principles into your life to cultivate the abundance you desire.

The end of this session will see you setting Abundant goals which use these practical applications to cultivate change.

Expect to go deep, have some big shifts in perception but also have all of the lols, as well as enrich your abundance community with like-minded expanders. 

During this workshop, you’ll also receive a take-home workbook, and within the session, there will be time for sharing and questions throughout. 

Your Host

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Amber + Vickie have hosted various abundance courses over the last two years, supporting people to facilitate change and teaching them how to use core spiritual principles in order to expand and enhance their lives. 

Through applying these principles themselves, each have seen radical changes in both their professional and personal lives leading them to a purpose driven way of living which inspired them to hold space for others to do the same.

In their day to day lives, Vickie is a Intuitive healer based in East London, working with the modalities of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Body work to facilitate experiences of deep connection and tender release. And Amber is a holistic health coach specialising in menstrual cycle and womb health, and a training rose priestess and is passionate about self-healing and deep self-love.