About this experience

Tuesday 7th June
7 - 9 PM
Leila Sadeghee

Join healer and practical mystic Leila Sadeghee for a powerful invitation into true self worth.

This evening is both a ritual but also an attunement—a space to feel, to steep in, and to activate the vibration of true self worth within you.

This workshop is a call to end the wonky, painful, achey, imposter-y, and unwholesome experiences of yourself that are rooted in a misunderstanding of self-value. Nearly everything in the world supports living in lack and a frequency of desperation.

The world may teach us to mistrust ourselves and pit us against others in a struggle for legitimacy and a right to exist, but in Tantrik yoga and the priestess path, you are invited to rejoice in your existence and behold a reflection of your own greatness in those around you.

It’s an invitation to freedom, to joy, and to deeper patterns of living in love.

You are not wonky, you are not an impostor, you are not needful of anyone’s approval, you are not reliant upon any particular circumstances to be worthy.

Your value is unassailable, and inherent.

Come into this evening and cut through limited self-appraisal with ritual, movement, and visionary practices of empowerment.

Your Host

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Skilled at creating powerful healing spaces wherever her voice is heard, Leila is a practical mystic and a channel for beautiful healing energies. She leads ritual healing events, sacred pilgrimages, immersions in spiritual practices, yoga teacher training, and utterly magical retreats online and around the globe. Known for her talent in bringing the depth of the esoteric spiritual traditions into salient and accessible focus, she is a master ritualist and caller of communities centered in collective care and deep healing. Leila is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as a spiritual practice. She is a keeper of the Magdalene flame. She is a devotee of the Divine Mother in all Their forms, and she is a pilgrimage enthusiast for whom walking on sacred ground brings ecstatic satisfaction. She is also relentless in her service and studentship, is pretty great company, has a freewheeling sense of fun.