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Thursday 17th October
7PM - 8:15PM
Kate Fleur Young

Welcome to the sacred realm of the Full Moon Ritual, where we harness the potent energies of the cosmos to guide our souls on a journey of transformation and awakening. As the celestial orb of the Full Moon in Taurus casts its luminous glow upon us, we gather in reverence to honor its profound influence on our lives.

To commence this ritual, we call upon the four cardinal points, invoking the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to surround us with their protective embrace. From the steadfast stability of the North to the expansive clarity of the East, from the passionate intensity of the South to the fluid depths of the West, we welcome their presence into our sacred space.

With hearts open and minds attuned to the wisdom of the universe, we turn to the Oracle cards as vessels of divine guidance. Each draw unveils messages from the ethers, illuminating pathways of insight and revelation. Let the cards speak their truths, echoing the whispers of our innermost selves and the cosmos beyond.

As the resonant tones of crystal singing bowls wash over us like a gentle tide, we surrender to the healing frequencies that harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Let the vibrations penetrate every fiber of your being, dissolving stagnant energies and awakening dormant potentials. Allow yourself to be carried away on waves of sound, drifting deeper into states of serenity and alignment.

With the moon as our witness and guide, we journey inward through the portal of meditation, diving into the depths of our souls to explore the hidden realms within.  As Taurus’ grounding energy permeates our consciousness, we embrace our senses and values with steadfastness and patience, allowing the process of stability and abundance to unfold.

As the ritual draws to a close, we offer gratitude to the moon, the elements, and the unseen forces that have graced us with their presence. May the insights gained and intentions set during this sacred gathering ripple out into the cosmos, shaping our destinies with grace and clarity.

Blessed be, dear seekers, as we navigate the ever-unfolding mysteries of the universe together. Until we meet again under the luminous gaze of the next full moon, may you walk in beauty and in harmony with all that is.

Unable to make it in person? Join our cyber circle Moon Space event with Tree Carr

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Kate Fleur is a musician, artist and certified Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. Kate’s Alchemic crystal bowls fused with her ethereal transcendent vocals allow you to reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your higher power and magic. Kate is passionate about ceremony and ritual and allows both to be part of her Sonic Medicine. She is passionate about guiding her guests into deep lucid states of relaxation, opening receptivity to frequency codes, connection, and cosmic journeys of the soul.