About this experience

Saturday 28th October 
7PM - 8:30PM

Join Lauren for an evening of ritual and ceremony on the full moon in Taurus. We will be immersing ourselves in good vibes, ritual, and sound and harnessing the power of the full moon.

The full moon amplifies our connection to our innermost emotions and brings to light the hidden workings of our subconscious. This illumination offers us the opportunity to release what no longer serves us and integrate its lessons - with gratitude.

We will create a circle and call on the beautiful plant ally Rose to support us on this full moon in Taurus journey. Lauren will guide us through an activating full moon meditation with the potent energy of crystals, and then we'll transcend into a blissful sound journey.

Rose is often called upon at the full moon, as it helps us to ground and centre in these, sometimes, intense energies.

It’s perfect for this moment in the lunar cycle and to harness this celestial potential. We will create a ceremony and experience the healing frequencies of the gong and crystal bowls where you are able to drop into a lucid space.

Release and rebalance on a deep cellular level and attune yourself with your higher power and magic.

Bring to the circle any items that feel connected to your magic: crystals, stones, talismans, herbs or burning tools. Objects that represent the sacred elements of fire, water, air, earth and spirit are also welcome.

Not all witches are women. This gathering is open to all people across all gender identities and expressions.

Your Host

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Lauren is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner who uses a selection of instruments to re-align your energy, including a Planetary Gong, Quartz Crystal Singing bowls, Himalayan bowls and Koshi chimes. After discovering sound could ease anxiety back in 2017, Lauren became an advocate for the transformational and healing benefits of sound therapy and how it can be used to empower individuals on their personal journeys. Lauren's residencies include 180 Health Club, Re:Mind Studio and Nobu Shoreditch Hotel.