About this experience

15th June
7 - 9 PM
Kasia Gwilliam

This workshop offers readers with a developing, as well as established, relationship with Tarot a space to explore presence and perspective in their readings. While divination can be one limb of a healthy self-practice or service, Tarot in the Moment seeks to support readers in using the cards as a reflective, empowering and supportive practice. 

One of the most powerful and enlightening purposes of building a relationship with Tarot in this way, whether you’re reading for yourself or others, is the opportunity it gives for deeper Self knowledge. Reading with presence and perspective while being rooted in the moment can gently steer us away from wondering or worrying about what is to come or developing anxiety around the cards.

Rather than seeking and rushing ahead to an answer, conclusion, prediction or allowing the cards to dictate our sense of Self, this approach guides us to work with the characters, symbols and archetypes of the cards in the here and now, to see ourselves in them, to meet the energies and feel into how we might best relate to them to enrich and support the moment. 

In this workshop we’ll learn how to come back into being, into presence and into trust with ourselves and the cards. 

This workshop is for if
✨ You have an established or developing Tarot practice
✨ You tend to find yourself leaning towards prediction and would like to explore another approach 
✨ There’s ever been any anxiety upon receiving some of the more challenging cards

✨ You’d like to build a collaborative and personal relationship with the cards
✨ You would like to explore Tarot from a symbolic and archetypal perspective

Your Host

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Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher with a 9-year relationship with the cards. She regularly works with clients and students both in-person and online and offers readings, courses, workshops, mentorships as well as experiences for corporate and private events. She is an initiated Medicine Woman working with ritual, ceremony and plant medicine, Plant Medicine Integration Coach, massage therapist and author of the book Archetype Medicine: a Journey Within to your Council of Seven.