About this experience

1st June
7 - 9 PM
Kasia Gwilliam

This workshop invites you to step out of the mind and into the body as we explore how to recruit the soma as a key ally in your Tarot practice. We often have an intellectual and intuitive sense of the ‘meanings’ of the cards that find their way into our readings, but integrating these understandings (as well as the guidance we infer) in the body can help us take things to the next level.

While it might be pleasing to receive The Empress, 9 of Cups or The Queen of Pentacles in a spread, working to embody these energies and allowing their imprints to be echoed in our earthly lives invites a new dimension to working with Tarot. Similarly with the cards of challenge, or cards that don’t land for us right away, working to properly integrate and amplify the resources given to us by our readings can ensure a healthy, impactful and transformative relationship with this powerful modality. 

In this workshop we will seek to discover the medicine of some of the key archetypal cards (Major Arcana and Court), work on identifying where their medicine lives inside of us and then playing with amplifying this energy and embodying this wisdom out in the world. 

This workshop is for if
✨ You have an established or developing Tarot practice
✨ You tend to find yourself confused or unable to access the wisdom of the cards post-reading 

✨ You’d like to play with embodying the energies of the cards 
✨ You’d like to invite this approach into reading for others 

✨ You’d like to build a collaborative and personal relationship with the cards
✨ You would like to explore Tarot from a symbolic and archetypal perspective 

Your Host

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Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher with a 9-year relationship with the cards. She regularly works with clients and students both in-person and online and offers readings, courses, workshops, mentorships as well as experiences for corporate and private events. She is an initiated Medicine Woman working with ritual, ceremony and plant medicine, Plant Medicine Integration Coach, massage therapist and author of the book Archetype Medicine: a Journey Within to your Council of Seven.