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Tarot reader and astrologer, Jessica Rosset, fuses her background in analytical psychology with the therapeutic and cosmic aspect of the Tarot. Her training in Analytical Psychotherapy brings a touch of healing and self-discovery to the reading. Working together in the session, with the help of the cards Jessica will guide you to find the answers that are inside yourself. Jessica believes that the Universe speaks to us in a particular language that is not always easy to perceive and to understand. This language is spoken in many different forms – dreams, slips, deja vus, synchronicities, coincidences, encounters.

This language talks about our destiny, our strengths and weaknesses. Our purpose and path, our experience on the journey of becoming our true higher self. Most of all, this language gives us a lot of information that our consciousness is sometimes not yet strong enough to understand purely and clearly. The Universe talks with us through signs.

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Jessica Rosset has a BSc in Psychology and is a Trained Jungian Analyst (SAP). She is currently doing an MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at The Liverpool John Moores University along with a Clinical Jungian Practice at the Jungian Institute in Lisbon. Jessica’s work with Tarot is to guide and to help people to fully receive, understand and to transform these messages into manifestations in their daily lives.