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Tarot for Love: How to Attract the Ideal Partner
Tuesday 23rd April
Jessica Rosset 

Are you seeking to manifest your ideal partner and deepen your understanding of the Tarot? Join us for an enlightening workshop with Jessica Rosset, celebrating National Lover's Day, designed to help you attract the love you desire using the power of Tarot cards.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to harness the wisdom of the Tarot to attract their ideal partner. Through guided exercises, interactive discussions, and practical techniques, attendees will explore the ways in which Tarot can serve as a powerful tool for self-discovery, manifestation, attracting meaningful relationships; and most importantly, how to avoid attracting the same partner (or pattern) in different people (bodies). 

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Jessica is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, Astrologer and Tarot Teacher who works with the embodiment of the Feminine Archetypes into our everyday lives. . She believes that the Universe speaks to us in a particular language that is not always easy to perceive and understand. This language is spoken in many different forms – dreams, slips, deja vus, synchronicities, coincidences, and encounters. This language talks about our destiny, our strengths and our weaknesses. Our purpose and path, our experience on the journey of becoming our true higher self. Most of all, this language gives us a lot of information that our consciousness is sometimes not yet strong enough to understand purely and clearly. The Universe talks with us through signs and nature as a medium.