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Thursday 11th May
7 - 9 PM
Chloe Pierre

Join us for an evening with Chloe Pierre, founder of thy.self and author of the groundbreaking book "Take Care: A Guide to Black Women's Wellness."

In a world where inequalities in wellness persist, it's important to center the experiences of women of color. "Take Care" is a timely guide that explores the unique challenges that Black women face when it comes to self-care and wellness.

This event is designed to create an inclusive space for all women to come together and learn from Chloe's insights, centering the experiences of women of colour. We believe that by sharing their stories, we can all grow and support one another on our journeys to wellness.

During the event, Chloe will be joined by Jaha Browne and Desiree Diaz to discuss the inspiration behind "Take Care" and share her personal experiences with mental health and self-care. Following the reading, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Chloe, purchase a signed copy of her book, and engage in a discussion about wellness in the community.

Chloe will read an excerpt from her book Take Care. Hang around to get your book signed or get some late-night shopping in. Take advantage of 10% all products in store all night. Drinks will be provided.

PLUS 2 lucky attendees will win a free ticket to our day retreat Take Care: A Healing Space for Women of Colour.

Take Care is a book of warmth, happiness and light, and will help you to refocus and put yourself first.

Take Care 
prioritises Black women and their experiences and encourages them to take care of themselves in order to bring their best self into the world. A space for Black women to cultivate their joy is truly a necessity at a time when Black lives are at the forefront of discussions online and in the media, and Take Care is the book to ensure that.

Chloe Pierre, founder of thy.self, the brand making self-care inclusive, wants to inspire Black women to take time to care for themselves. In this book she consults experts to create an inspiring and practical guide that offers ways to help you:

- Be your authentic self
- Embrace your beauty and feel body positive
- Deal with grief, loss and mental health issues
- Create a supportive and uplifting community
- Practice self-love every day

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Chloe Pierre is a globally published and recognised author, a digital marketer and a content creator, and the Founder and CEO of disruptive wellness platform thy.self, which aims to actualise self-care both online and in real life as well as diversify the wellness community internationally. Chloe is very much interested and vocal about worldly matters including racial and gender equity, human tolerance and ethical sustainability in all areas of life including planetary sustainability.