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The Spirit Of The Flowers is a brand new two-part workshop guided by the Bel Senlle, our wonderful resident tarot reader. Bel believes in evolving, transforming and creating new paths by bringing into consciousness what's not seen.

This workshop will focus on how individuals can connect with the personalities of the flowers, and how to practically integrate their energies into your everyday life. Over these two sessions we're going to learn how to see these energies that arise from the forms of some typical British flowers: each flower has its own personality, a way of expressing itself and particular ways of interacting with its environments (just like us!).

This exploration will be based on growing our intuition - creatively working with flowers as symbols, and being able to confidently navigate what flower energy each of us personally connect with. Most of the flowers that we will explore are part of the Bach Flowers system.

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Week 1 (30th June) We’ll look at how to recognise elements in flowers, how to recognise the planetary influences on them, learn about the material/spiritual nature of flowers' personalities based on how they grow and how they interact.

Week 2 (14th July) We’ll look at easy and safe magical ways of connecting and working with them and share our personal practices, and how to link some topics such as fears, self-esteem and connections with others to flowers' energy.

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Bel is an artist, Tarot reader and flower herbalist and she has been reading and studying Tarot for 8 years, working with clients for 5. Her art and spiritual work are based on opening channels up in order to make the invisible, visible. She loves translating the symbolic, mystical interpretations of the cards into common language, using both historical or contemporary decks, including her own which she designed and printed called 'Claridad'.