About this experience

Everyone has a spirit animal. They are special energies that help guide and protect a person - they embody your own personal characteristics, and can be called upon anytime you need support, guidance or clarity.

This workshop will use guided visualisation meditation and sound healing to connect you with your own Spirit Animal. After meeting your Guide, you will have a chance to have an open discussion with Fiongal to unpick the special significance of your Spirit Animal and learn how to continue working with them in the future.

Your Host

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Fiongal Greenlaw is a professional Tarot reader, psychic artist and spiritual adviser. He’s also the founder of The Wellness Foundry, a contemporary wellness brand offering intuitive readings, healings, astrology, spiritual guidance and teachings.  The Wellness Foundry has been listed in Time Out’s 7 Best Tarot Reading Spots in London, as well as appearing in the Independent, Metro, Evening Standard, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.