About this experience

Who struggles with meditation, but wants to feel all the mind and body benefits that come from practicing?  Well this is the shortcut you have been looking for.  

Sound Therapy (also known as a Gong Bath), Sound Sessions or Sound Baths all use different modalities of frequency and vibration to shift our neural brainwaves into alpha and theta waves. These take years of meditation practice to get to. 

Sound Therapy has been known to help treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, chronic pain & assisting us through times of change.

Amanda’s unique practice involves crystal bowls, three symphonic gongs & chimes to guide you through this dreamy session.

Online sessions have such a powerful effect, please bring with you:

+ Blanket - body temperature can drop when we start to relax.
+ Eye pillow - blocking out another scene really heightens the experience.
+ Earphones - essential for online sessions (noise cancelling and wireless preferable)

Your Host

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Amanda is expert in reiki, massage, sound healing and a master practitioner of NLP, timeline therapy and neural coding. Previously, she has joined forces with other practitioners for powerful ceremonies combining love of the moon, wiccan and shamanic rituals, helping the overworked, overstimulated Londoner chill the hell out!

She spent 6 years training staff in massage and beauty at luxury spa resorts in Thailand, Cambodia and The Maldives. Her extensive travels and contact with local traditional therapists sparked an interest in alternative holistic treatments, especially Ayurvedic, which guided her into a more healing way of working with the body.

She currently works under the name ‘Sound Touch Change’, with her own treatment space in Hackney Wick - The Rest Room.