About this experience

Solstice Energy Magical Ritual 
Saturday 22nd June
Leila Sadeghee

Join energy worker & healer Leila Sadeghee to cast a radiant spell and bring down all the magic of the longest day of the year!

You will:
- learn the power of this point of the solar year and harness the hyper potent energy
- enjoy ritual like the ancestors of this land always did at Solstice
- experience an inspiring & empowering spellcasting process
- attune to the energy of the year to benefit your goals and projects
- be refreshed by supportive community
- experience Energy Weaving, a powerful energy technique to enhance your vision & support your energy system
- embody solar power and learn what it means to bring that power into your life
- receive divination to refine your timing & understanding

This is a ritual to completely enjoy radiant fullness and bring depth and resonance to your summer. Expect to be held with love, enchanted, and uplifted!

Your Host

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Skilled at creating powerful healing spaces wherever her voice is heard, Leila is a practical mystic and a channel for beautiful healing energies. Based in the UK, Leila leads ritual healing events, sacred pilgrimages, immersions in spiritual practices, yoga teacher training, and utterly magical retreats online and around the globe. She is the co-creator of Mystery School, with Jaliessa Sipress.