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We at She's Lost Control are delighted to be back with SLC School for the New Year!

We're back sharing this course after a sell-out first run, where we were joined by some incredible students for an epic journey through one of our favourite modalities.

Tarot is an ancient art-form that has been practiced over hundreds of years and here at SLC we celebrate this while offering a modern and person-centered twist to this classic modality.

Over this 5-week course, you'll be taught and guided by our renowned faculty, all with years of experience in reading and teaching others. This beginners course is open to everyone with a desire to get to know Tarot from a personal and empowering perspective, whether you're brand new or you'd like to lay strong foundations down for your Tarot practice. Each week you'll receive a workbook for that week's focus, complete with journaling prompts, exercises and space for reflection. All the sessions will be recorded and yours to keep and you'll also receive a guided meditation for each session that will assist with the at-home practices set after class. You'll also receive access to an exclusive Facebook group to connect to your fellow explorers, as well as our faculty.


Course Curriculum

Week 1 - Elements and the Suits, Wednesday 12th January
It is said that humans aren't just part of nature, we are nature itself. Week 1 will introduce the suits of the Minor Arcana as well as the elemental significance of each one. Explore these themes and elements both in the cards, in nature, as well as inside of you. You'll journey through Ace to Ten, learning how to build a relationship with the numbers and sequencing. This session will contain practical aspects too so that you have the chance to practice what you learn. This session will be taught by David Petrusich and Lucy Porter.

Week 2 - Court Cards,  Wednesday 19th January
Yas Queen! Rounding off our exploration of the Minor Arcana, week 2 will introduce the cards of the court, however they appear in your deck. Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages - who are these figures and why do they matter? This week we'll be getting deep into relationships with the court cards, learning how to get to know their qualities and personalities as well as exploring the themes of masculine and feminine, youth and maturity. We'll also be playing with embodiment with fun and practical exercises. This session will be taught by Bel Senlle and Lucy Porter.

Week 3 - Major Arcana 1, Wednesday 26th January
Introducing the Fool's journey. The Major Arcana are the big cards of the Tarot, all with big personalities and ever bigger messages. Discover how and why their significance differs to the Minor Arcana and begin to explore with the Fool as he sets off on his journey. We'll be exploring the first half of the Major sequence in this session, exploring rites of passage and how we can demystify these heavy hitting cards from The Fool to Justice. This session will be taught by Kasia Gwilliam and Bel Senlle.

Week 4 - Major Arcana 2, Wednesday 2nd February
The epic journey continues! Week 4 continues our exploration and relationship with the cards of the Major Arcana. By now you'll be practicing how to get to know the signs, symbols and characters in the cards and we'll be introducing the Hanged Man to The World. This week will contain practical and fun exercises and you'll be exploring how to bring these cards into readings. This session will be taught by David Petrusich and Tree Carr.

Week 5 - Pulling it all Together,  Wednesday 9th February
Things always fall into place. Our final week will cover how to pull all of the lessons, learnings and insights together so you can solidify the relationships you've made to the cards so far. We'll be recapping and reflecting on the lessons of the elements and court cards in the Minor Arcana, as well as the powerful messages of the Major Arcana. You'll be practicing spreads, learning how cards from different sections can speak to each other and how to weave these into impactful, personal and accurate readings for yourself. This session will be taught by Kasia Gwilliam and Tree Carr.

This course is for you if
+ you'd like to deepen your relationship to the Tarot
+ you're not sure where to start
+ you'd like to get to know the cards from a personal perspective, not a prescriptive one
+ you're new to Tarot or if you've never had any practical lessons
+ you'd like to be taught by readers from across the world with years of experience

Please note that this is a course and sessions are not available to buy individually. Spaces are limited and our early bird pricing ends on Monday 3rd January and tickets will be £175 thereafter. There will also be 1:1, follow-up mentoring sessions available to buy at an additional cost of £95 for 1 hour if you would like to check in with the faculty after the course.

Your Host

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Meet your hosts -

Tree Carr is a renowned practitioner in the arts of astral projection, lucid dreaming and the ancient art of Tarot reading. Tree has been exploring mysticism since she was a child, and first became interested in Tarot as a teenager. She finds that Tarot is a wonderful guidance system, giving a great overview of our journey in life and what we are currently navigating.

Kasia Gwilliam is an initiated Medicine Woman, author, sacred space holder, Tarot reader and teacher with years of experience in offering services rooted in both the spiritual and the tangible. She believes Tarot is a gateway into our own unconscious spaces and brings her love and understanding of symbols and archetypes into her reading and teaching style.

Bel Senlle has been teaching and reading tarot for 8 years in her native Argentina. She believes in evolving, transforming and creating new paths by bringing to consciousness what's not been seen. She is also an artist and the creator of the 'Claridad' Tarot deck, available to buy in Spanish.

Lucy Porter is an Evolutionary Astrologer, High Priestess & Tarot Reader. Her work is driven by a desire to bring Women into their deep, inner, receptive power. She is a modern-day Priestess in the City and her reading and teachings are held sacredly like rituals, and are an opportunity for you to rise into your deepest, most powerful goddess self.

David Petrusich is an evidential psychic-medium, astrologer, esoteric teacher, artist, and alchemist. For over ten years, he worked as a sales leader and educator for major beauty companies. From global cosmetic leaders, to innovative start-ups, he climbed the corporate ladder and learned a lot about himself through the process.