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Starts Monday 22nd January 
7 PM - 9 PM

School is back in session for the new year!

We're back sharing our sell-out course, where we were joined by some incredible students for an epic journey through one of our favourite modalities.

Tarot is an ancient art form that has been practised over hundreds of years, and here at SLC, we celebrate this while offering a modern and person-centred twist to this classic modality.

Over this 6-week course, you'll be taught and guided by our renowned faculty, all with years of experience in reading and teaching others.

This beginners course is open to everyone with a desire to get to know Tarot from a personal and empowering perspective, whether you're brand new or you'd like to lay strong foundations down for your Tarot practice.

You'll receive a course workbook, complete with journaling prompts, exercises and space for reflection. All the sessions will be recorded and yours to keep. You'll also receive access to an exclusive WhatsApp group to connect to your fellow explorers, as well as our faculty.

Course Curriculum

Week 1 - Elements and the Suits

It is said that humans aren't just part of nature; we are nature itself. Week 1 will introduce the suits of the Minor Arcana as well as the elemental significance of each one. Explore these themes and elements both in the cards, in nature, as well as inside of you. You'll journey through Ace to Ten, learning how to build a relationship with the numbers and sequencing. This session will contain practical aspects, too, so that you have the chance to practice what you learn.

Week 2 - Court Cards
Yas Queen! Rounding off our exploration of the Minor Arcana, week 2 will introduce the cards of the court however they appear in your deck. Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages - who are these figures, and why do they matter? This week we'll be getting deep into relationships with the court cards, learning how to get to know their qualities and personalities, as well as exploring the themes of masculine and feminine, youth and maturity. We'll also be playing with embodiment with fun and practical exercises.

Week 3 - Major Arcana 1
Introducing the Fool's journey. The Major Arcana are the big cards of the Tarot, all with big personalities and even bigger messages. Discover how and why their significance differs from the Minor Arcana and begin to explore with the Fool as he sets off on his journey. We'll be exploring the first half of the Major sequence in this session, exploring rites of passage and how we can demystify these heavy-hitting cards from The Fool to Justice.

Week 4 - Major Arcana 2
The epic journey continues! Week 4 continues our exploration and relationship with the cards of the Major Arcana. By now, you'll be practising how to get to know the signs, symbols and characters in the cards, and we'll be introducing the Hanged Man to The World. This week will contain practical and fun exercises, and you'll be exploring how to bring these cards into readings.

Week 5 - Study Group
All your questions answered. We'll take a break from bringing in new content to let it all sink in. We'll be recapping and reflecting on the lessons of the elements and court cards in the Minor Arcana, as well as the powerful messages of the Major Arcana.

Week 6 - Pulling it all Together
Things always fall into place. Our final week will cover how to pull all of the lessons, learnings and insights together so you can solidify the relationships you've made with the cards so far. You'll be practising spreads, learning how cards from different sections can speak to each other and how to weave these into impactful, personal and accurate readings for yourself.

This course is for you if
✨ you'd like to deepen your relationship with the Tarot
✨ you're not sure where to start
✨ you'd like to get to know the cards from a personal perspective, not a prescriptive one
✨ you're new to Tarot or if you've never had any practical lessons
✨ you'd like to be taught by readers from across the world with years of experience

Please note that this is a course, and sessions are not available to buy individually. Spaces are limited, and our early bird pricing ends on Friday 5th January.

Your Host

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Tree Carr is a renowned practitioner in the arts of astral projection, lucid dreaming and the ancient art of Tarot reading. Tree has been exploring mysticism since she was a child, and first became interested in Tarot as a teenager. She finds that Tarot is a wonderful guidance system, giving a great overview of our journey in life and what we are currently navigating. It also helps to unpack all the deeper layers of self. Tree sees the cards as ‘talking points’ that often either confirm what we are already intuitively contemplating, or they can serve as prompts that help guide us through areas of our life. Readings with Tree are incredibly insightful, particularly with her innate ability to see and feel between the different realms or existence. She can help give guidance on questions big or small.

David is an Evidential Psychic-Medium, Sidereal Astrologer, Esoteric Teacher, and Artist based in Seattle, Washington. For 9 years, David has worked with individuals and communities to help normalize psychism and connect deeper with the spirit world. In addition to training with some of the world's best Mediums, David has also had extensive training in the yogic sciences and polyvagal theory. Teaching others how to facilitate their own alchemy is at the core of his work, and a session with him is sure to leave you clear, inspired, and at ease.

Lucy Porter is a Tarot reader and astrologer focused on love, sex and relationships. Her passion is the re-emergence of mysticism in a humorous, accessible and juicy way. She is an initiated High Priestess & Certified Matchmaker, she calls herself a ‘Priestess in the City'—like a spiritual Carrie Bradshaw who walks around with a bunch of sage, instead of a Marlboro Light! She is a reader and teacher of Tarot, creating her own unique method, to teach anyone Tarot in just 4 weeks. Her passion is to see people waking up to their worthiness, self love & innate magic. Her Tarot readings remind you that you’re exactly where you need to be. She gets right to the heart of the matter and explores your options, so you can take your life into your own hands. Her mission is to cut the B.S. and help you gain clarity and empowerment. 

Agne Aurelia has been interested in universe and archetypes since early childhood and studied astrology and moonology in London and Vancouver, Canada. Agne uses astrology as a tool to inspire others to live their best lives, encouraging to connect to one’s true potential, alchemise stale energy and overcome karmic challenges. Agne offers 'focused question' astrology readings, which centre on discussing one specific area of your life. It could be romantic language, career path, emotional and physical wellbeing or journey to Self. Agne will read your chart, uncovering existing patterns and possibilities unique to you and advise how to navigate incoming energies for the next six months. 

Jessica is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, Astrologer and Tarot Teacher. She believes that the Universe speaks to us in a particular language that is not always easy to perceive and understand. This language is spoken in many different forms – dreams, slips, deja vus, synchronicities, coincidences, and encounters. This language talks about our destiny, our strengths and our weaknesses. Our purpose and path, our experience on the journey of becoming our true higher self. Most of all, this language gives us a lot of information that our consciousness is sometimes not yet strong enough to understand purely and clearly. The Universe talks with us through signs and nature as a medium.