About this experience

Saturday 8th September 
7 - 9 PM
Molly Anne Chinner
Sean Delahay

Join us for a multi-sensory and immersive journey through the universe of sound, frequency, and magic of mushrooms.

Soundwaves are the building blocks of our universe and as people (per/son • sonic being), we are fundamentally beings woven with the threads of frequency and vibration.

For thousands of years, ancients have recognised the power of sound and music to awaken consciousness and in communion with the natural world. In this immersion, we will be bridging the worlds of sound with the kingdom of plants—entering the cosmos of powerful, healing fungi (chaga/lions mane/reishi) to soften deeper through the layers of self and open the doors of perception.

After intentionally drinking chaga mushroom tea, you will be guided through a sound meditation to discover and embody your own vibration. Incorporating the wisdom of healing mushroom medicine, visual mycelial meditation, and a euphoric tapestry of shifting drones to guide you into a state of pure, creative bliss and nervous system release.

You will be guided to rest in an ocean of precise, healing sound waves—fusing the ancient wisdom of the gong with more contemporary digital frequencies, binaural beats and soaring vocals to lead you deep within.

This ambient sound-trance will drive you deeper into the theta brain state to unlock creative insights, flow states, deep emotional processing and unravel subconscious programming as well as regulating the vagus nerve to trigger a cascade of positive hormonal and neurochemical changes.

This powerful immersive experience is all about awakening the healing frequencies of nature, embodying our true self and accessing our bliss-states. And how, through sound, we can reignite the inseparable connection between humanity and nature, awakening the ancient whispers of the plant wisdom within and without to uplift the collective vibration.

Leave with a deep sense of peace and renewal.


The event is open to anyone who is interested in exploring the power of sound, frequency and their inner landscape. No prior experience with mushrooms or meditation is required. 

Your Host

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Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist, ceremonialist and musician. Passionate about the healing powers of sound, music and voice - Molly finds great joy in weaving her beloved crystal alchemy bowls, guitar and hand-crafted shamanic drum into her unique ambient and explorative sound. Interweaving genre, voice, experimentation and devotion - channelling the frequency of the feminine to all who listen.

Mixing a touch of her native folk sound with soulful Eastern mantra, ambient digital soundscapes, classical ornamentation and dream-like vocals - all recorded at 432hz - Molly’s music is intended as a channel of prayer to inspire universal connection and to guide the listener on an inner journey experience to open the heart.

Molly uniquely combines her ethereal voice, plus her soulful connection with spirit and the earth to share deeply emotive and otherworldly sounds to take the listener deeper within, evoking a kinship of the soul.

Sean Delahay is an electronic music artist, producer, yoga teacher, sound healer and videographer based in London. With a lifelong exploration into music and sound under his belt, Sean has a background in live production and dance music.