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Tuesday 12th September
7 - 9 PM
Fernanda Baraybar

Join us for a soul-stirring shamanic journey with Anda, a Q'ero Shaman with ancestral teachings from her home in Peru.

In the world of shamanic practices and spirituality, the stories of female shamans have often been overshadowed. Too often are male shamans uplifted and idolized, so today we celebrate the sacred wisdom and healing abilities from a female shaman.

Unlike traditional shamanic rituals, our workshop emphasizes the connection with Pachamama,  the revered Mother Earth of the Andean culture, and the spiritual realms.

Throughout the journey, you'll be encouraged to connect with different energies, forming a close bond with the land and its natural forces.

In honor of Pachamama, we'll create a beautiful offering using bay leaves, flowers, and co-creative mandalas, symbolizing a deeper connection with Mother Earth's nurturing essence. By embracing the teachings of Pachamama, you'll find profound grounding and harmony within yourself and the world around you.

Join us for this journey, where the wisdom of the Andean culture meets the sacred teachings of your own heart, and experience a profound shift within yourself and forge an unbreakable bond with the Earth.

Your Host

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Anda is a Q'ero Shaman learning from the traditional ancestral teachings of her home in Peru. She is a metaphysics researcher interested in helping others expand their spiritual gifts, working as a guide in the astral realms as we raise our vibrations into higher consciousness. Anda's journey not only honors the work of her ancestors, it also embodies her mission to bridge the gap between age-old practices and the marvels of our modern quantum reality.