About this experience

Thursday 27th April
7 PM - 8:30 PM
Desiree Diaz

Shamans and healers from various traditions have long known that every Plant on Earth has a Spirit that we can connect to. It is up to us to contact them and ask for that connection with deep respect, but if we do, Plant Spirit can bring us knowledge, guidance and healing like no other.

Plant Spirit Ceremonies are a type of Shamanic Healing in which we connect to the Spirit of a specific Plant that has agreed to join us in Ceremony to bring us healing and work energetically with us. We connect with this Spirit while drinking an infusion of the Plant to create an even deeper connection while being guided through meditation and shamanic drumming.

This workshop is great for 
✨ Connecting deeper with plant spirit
✨ Relaxing and shifting your consciousness 
✨ Connecting with mother nature
✨ Receiving energy healing
✨ Experiencing the healing effects of plant medicine
✨ Receiving shamanic drumming for healing
✨ Deepening your knowledge of plant medicine

Your Host

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Desiree is a witch, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, womb healing and women circle facilitator. In all her offerings she creates a sacred space for you to feel held and reconnect to your sacred magick. Through her close relationship with Plant Spirits, she has facilitated a deeper connection with nature and guidance that the Spirits wanted to share with people.