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About this experience

As a result of our fast-paced modern lives, we can often become disconnected from the intelligence of our bodies. The ‘Reweaving the Body’ journey is all about returning us to the intelligence of the body and its true potential, and allowing us to fully embody the forces of nature.

Join us in week two where we will begin the process of re-weaving the body to the Sun and Wind. We’ll be engaging in meditations and shamanic journeys that open up and deepen our connection to the natural world and spirit. We will engage in energy clearing techniques that clear the body of heavy energy. We will learn somatic practices that open us to the gift of listening and co-regulation with each other.

During this session, we’ll be working with The Nawis - the Andean term for the ‘eyes’ of the energetic system of the body. There are seven of these eyes located on various points on the body and each connects us to our global nature family -Water, Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind and Cosmos. By opening up our ‘Nawis’, we’re awakening our mystical vision to deepen our relationship with the world around us.

+ Learn how to connect to the Sun and the Wind through embodied practice.
+ Awaken your mystical vision by opening the eyes of your body and come into a sacred exchange with the natural world.
+ Learn simple and sophisticated techniques that help you to clear your heavy energy.
Learn how to regulate your nervous system by directly connecting to nature through your body.
+ Replace anxiety and isolation with connection and joy.

Your Host

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Cat is a Transformation Guide, informed by extensive shamanic and somatic training. She is a Sexological Bodyworker and Body Poet who holds a safe, trauma informed space enabling people to go deep into their process of transformational growth and change. Her love of Mother Earth is her constant inspiration for walking people further down the path of aligning their inner and outer landscapes back into harmony and right relationship.