About this experience

3rd July
6 - 9 PM
Kasia Gwilliam

Join Medicine Woman, Kasia Gwilliam, for an evening of ritual, ceremony and cacao. 

We’ve been sitting in circle for thousands of years; lighting candles, setting intentions, coming together in community and sitting with teacher plants. Ritual doesn’t need to be showy, dramatic or complicated, far from it; ritual invites presence, simplicity and quiet inquiry into a place of personal and inner truth. 

This cacao ceremony will be a return to ritual, a return to a simple and effective way of connecting to ourselves and working with plant medicine. Expect connection, intention and interactive group ritual practices, as well as an encouragement to connect - in your own way - with this sacred medicine. We’ll be creating a sacred space together and journeying with mantra, song and sacred sounds and taking it back to basics to allow cacao to do what she does best and guide us back to the heart.

This ceremony is for you if
✨ You love cacao and would like to work with it ritualistically
Are curious about developing your own ritual practices
You’d like to work in a group to create a sacred space
You’d like to experience a classic and shamanic cacao ceremony
You’d like to journey with cacao and develop a personal relationship with this plant medicine

Please note that a full ceremonial dose will be offered, but it’s up to everyone how much they’d like to drink. Cacao may not be suitable for those who are taking SSRI’s, pregnant and/or breastfeeding, suffering from and/or taking medication for any heart or blood pressure conditions. Please reach out to your trusted healthcare professional if you’re unsure of suitability.

Please bring a reusable water bottle as well as a notebook and pen. You’re welcome and encouraged to bring an item of significance for the altar, and there’s also an invitation to wear all-white or an item of white clothing. Please also bring a curious and willing heart!

Your Host

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Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher with a 9-year relationship with the cards. She regularly works with clients and students both in-person and online and offers readings, courses, workshops, mentorships as well as experiences for corporate and private events. She is an initiated Medicine Woman working with ritual, ceremony and plant medicine, Plant Medicine Integration Coach, massage therapist and author of the book Archetype Medicine: a Journey Within to your Council of Seven.