About this experience

Thursday 26th October
7 - 8:30 PM
Lisa Lister

If you’ve remembered that you’re a witch + you’re awake to your magic, you may also, at the same time, have felt a need/want to ‘hide’ it.


The ‘witch wound’ still runs DEEP. 
During the Witch Trials, women were shamed + blamed, terrorised + tortured + killed, so it is NO surprise that so many of us would rather keep quiet, stay small + NOT be in our fullest expression.

Remembering our magic in bodies that are tired, burnt out + disconnected from our cyclical nature (the Overculture is set up to keep us this way) can feel 
really intense + overwhelming, so the idea of being ‘seen’ + ‘known’ as a witch can often feel ‘too much’ for our nervous systems.

The societal spell is STRONG. They want you to be embarrassed, fearful and/or full of shame. They want you to believe that you’re ‘dangerous’, because they KNOW that when one woman remembers her magic + shares that with another, EVERY woman remembers their magic. 

What does that mean? Well for a start ,we’re less ‘needy’, we’re less reliant + compliant. We realise we’re not broken (we NEVER was) + so we come to our senses, trust our instincts + remember our magic - what I call, Self Source-ery.

This workshop is for anyone who has ever felt:

∴ The need to keep their tarot cards + crystals hidden in a drawer
∴ Fear or shame about calling themselves a witch
∴ Tamed, silenced + censored
∴ Physical pain/discomfort in their bodies when exploring their magic
∴ That their magic was ‘dangerous’ (you are both charmed + dangerous + that’s a GOOD THING!)

Together we will explore all the ways we may ghost ourselves as witches + I’ll share practical (+ magical, obviously!) and magical, obviously!) ways and rituals to remember our magic + more importantly, prepare our bodies + nervous systems to ‘hold’ our magic, so that we can shake ourselves free from the societal shackles + spells + re-spell our experience in our fullest expression + power!

Your Host

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Lisa Lister is an author, artist, psychotherapeutic coach + a somatic movement practitioner who offers support, space and counsel to women who are exploring, navigating and wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, sex, creativity, spirituality, pleasure + passion in these 'interesting' times.

Her movement practice In.Your.Body.Ment is a unique blend of nourishing movement, breath work, sound + somatic practices created + curated to support, resource + work in tune with the cyclical nature + rhythmic intelligence of your body. You can find out more about her work at